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  1. F

    Gfx card replacements

    well i had to rma my xfx 8800 gt now rashi telling me that seeing as how its out of stock one of 3 things can happen 1. they can give a credit slip for 7k 2. i can get an xfx 9800 gt in lieu of the 8800gt 3. i can get an xfx 9800 gtx + for an additional 4.5k now i have a Msi p45 platinum...
  2. Baker

    which is the best war game

    Hi guys... i was very much crazy about action games before 3 years....... for last 3 years i never played any games.... i completed jamesbond night fire , maxpayne , return to castle ,project IGI... now am planning to buy ps2.... which is the best wargame i can start with.......
  3. V

    fire fox problem.......

    hi while exploring fire fox it is giving error.......... Connection Interrupted The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading. The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again.
  4. desiibond

    Universal Studios blaze burns sets, video vault of 40,000+ videos

    LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- A pressurized cylinder exploded at Universal Studios on Sunday, injuring two firefighters as they tried to fight a blaze that began earlier in the day, Los Angeles authorities said. The fire destroyed buildings and movie sets at Universal Studios on Sunday...
  5. FatBeing

    [By Demand] July 2008

    Fire away!
  6. Asfaq

    [By Demand] Digit March 2008

    Here's the deal... you have till the 5th of Feb to tell us what you want on the CD/DVD. Fire away...
  7. gauravsuneja

    how to make best use of beryl settings

    can anybody tell be hwo to make best use of berly settings and where is teh fire effect plugin? was comfiz there in digit dvd?
  8. Kiran.dks

    iPod catches fire in user's pocket!

    iPod catches fire in user's pocket! An American airport worker described himself as "freaked out" when his iPod Nano caught fire in his pocket. Danny Williams, of Douglasville in Georgia, was carrying his iPod in his trousers when he noticed a burning sensation and looked down to see...
  9. C

    When you log on...

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to know as to which website you first visit when you fire up your web browser.(except for this forum's URL ofcouse :) )
  10. S

    [Photoshop] Fire: B/W to color

    Getting a color version from a grayscale one is a pretty simple job for simple objects. But When its something like fire you won't like single colored fire. Thats where this tute kicks in. Extract the fire area to a new layer. I used the blue background to enhance "viewing pleasure"...
  11. S

    how to make fire efftct in photoshop?

    i wanna know how to make fire effect in photoshop, like the text burning can any 1 help?
  12. A

    project sites for FIRE ALARM ??

    Hey guys do you know any sites for fire alarm... i have my submission in my college in two to three days. I don want much detailed but jus some intro, working principle and application in short only.... i tried searching google but was unable to find fire alram anywhere. So if you please could...
  13. paragkalra

    Concept behind Configure and Make?

    Hi everyone, Installing rpms in linux is pretty simple.........all you need to do: #rpm -ivh <file-name>.rpm At times we may be required to use further more options like --force and --nodeps. Buts that okay. However if the software is tape archived, we generally do: #tar -xvf...
  14. G

    how to instal firefox rxtensions&plugins

    i have many plugins&extensionsand themes for fire fox 1.04.how to i install.
  15. D

    New Harry Potter Game to come!

    Now before you go doh! let me tell u that u'll be facing Lord Voldemort(Shhhh....!How many times do i have to tell u not to speak out his name! Joke! Joke!) in the 4th installment of EA's Harry Potter Series. The Goblet Of Fire. More details idhar So what if seasoned gamers would like to...
  16. G

    age of mythology fans

    Any age of mythology fans here?? I'm a diehard age of mythology fan. I have played every scenario in the titan level & also won! Here is a list of my favourites: fav god: loki fav warrior: ulsfark/ axeman fav myth unit: fire giant My strategy is to create as many fire giants as possible...
  17. C

    Realistic Fire Tutorial (Photoshop)

    Try this great tutorial on making realistic fire in adobe photoshop>> http://s7.invisionfree.com/eGaming/index.php?showtopic=87 I made this using instructions from this tutorial
  18. F

    Matter or Not ?????

    IS FIRE MATTER OR NOT ? As per the conventional definition, anything that occupies space and has mass is called matter. So tell me is it or it isn't.
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