[Query] Display Problem in HP Pavilion DV6165TX


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Hi, I have a 4 years old HP DV6165TX - Core i7, 8GB RAM, 5770 graphics card. It was working fine till last week, when my daughters had a fight, the younger one through a punch at the elder one, who ducked and the punch landed on the keyboard. Now it's display shown strange colors, though laptop is working fine. Any idea what might be wrong? And where can I get it repaired? I don't want to take it to HP service center, because it's a four year old machine, and authorized service center will charge too much. I am based in Noida, any good repair shops around or I will have to take it to Nehru Place only? I am also planning to replace the HDD with a 256GB SSD; will that be a good idea? Regards Nitin
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