Motherboard replacement for HP Pavillion dv6 6140tx reg.


I am using this HP Pavillion dv6 6140tx for 5 years working fine but now it is having a hardware issue. Windows hangs at logo screen when the Intel HD Graphics & AMD Radeon Display Drivers are enabled. But It works fine in safe mode or when the graphics driver are disabled.
I have consulted many service centers reg this issue and they had recommended to replace the motherboard. Is it actually need to replace it while all other thing are working fine and also they say the replacement needs Rs.15k

Can I go up with their recommendation. Also If I want to replace it can I get an upgraded motherboard with the current gen graphics in it?

Please help me guys. I had been stuck up for days coz of this issue.:dead_NF::crying_NF::crying_NF::sweating_NF::cold_NF:


can you uninstall the display drivers in safe mode & then boot to normal mode & check for drivers from this page ?

HP Pavilion dv6-6140tx Entertainment Notebook PC Drivers and Downloads | HP® Customer Support

also, what u mean by "Intel HD Graphics & AMD Radeon Display Drivers" enabling ? they r different graphics makers, how r they coming together ?


I have latest update of my drivers. I have even consulted many service centers. They are sure that I need to replace the motherboard.

I meant enabling of drivers individually.


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Hi, i have the same laptop with the same problem. its mostly to do with the amd graphic card. hence removing the amd drivers will make the system boot. but most likely the amd chip is bust and the whole mother board has to be replaced(was quoted 20,000rs in Hyderabad hp service center). there is a method called re-balling, this is a cheaper option but there are risks involved. one more thing, there is a side effect of using the laptop with out the amd drivers, the laptop gets heated up far too frequently. if you have any new info pleas update it in this post.


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guys i m facing isuue with my graphics card , my lapee is hp pavilion g6 2005ax,
my internal gpu is AMD Radeon HD7640 and dedicated is AMD Radeon HD7670,
but the problem is while mine AMD Radeon HD7640 (512mb)is detected by the system but AMD Radeon HD7670(1Gb) is not detected by the system and is showed as AMD Radeon HD7600 in Catalyst control Center(CCC).
in my CCC in hardware info my grapshics with crossfire enabled it is showing only 512 MB ,
so i tried every possible way but no help
plz any1 can u help me find the solution

I only Solution i know is to Replace my Motherboard which soould cost 10k...

I only flay FIFA n FIFa15 hangs coz of only 512mb graphics, Do u guys think i Should replace My Motherboard?

MY config is
APU Quad Core A8
1.9 Ghz
1.5 GB Graphics
15.6 inches
1366 x 768 pixels
2.47 Kg
36.3 mm thick
500 GB HDD
5400 RPM
6 Cell
6 Hrs
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