[Preview and Unboxing]Presenting P8Z77 V deluxe


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Ladies and gentleman,
Presenting Asus P8Z77 V DELUXE

This is currently the TOP level mainstream board from Asus on Z77 lineup and as such it comes with everything you can imagine of in an mainstream consumer board.The Z77 chipset is basically a rewrite of of Z68 with features added to it.We will discuss on it later on.
Let the pictures do the talking for now.


The box is like any other high end board out there with the name and special features written on it.The top flap when removed give's you a sneak peek of whats inside along with lots of info.



BOX contents


Pretty much everything you need to run a multigpu system is available out of the box.The box contains Sata III cables,gpu bridge for xfire/sli support and asus wifi go card(exclusive feature of this lineup.) and two antenna's.NOW lets have a look at the board itself and its features


The layout is nice and minimalistic.

The best things i like in the layout are:

  • the dual reset CMOS switch present in the back panel as well as with the
    on board switches.Useful for both close case clockers and open bench guys.
  • Also the power and reset switch onboard help in quick testing.
  • The space between the PCI-E slots.
  • The component LED for cpu,ram,gpu and boot devices.
  • The LED poster which helps in debugging or troubleshooting)
  • onboard Thunderbolt header.
  • the overall color theme.

A look at the I/O panel


Asus has gone into overdrive with back-panel,the back-panel packs :
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports
  • 6 USB 3.0 posrt
  • HDMI/DisplayPort ports
  • 2X esata ports
  • 2 x LAN (RJ45) port(s)
  • 1 x Optical S/PDIF out
  • 6 x Audio jack(s)
  • 1 x Bluetooth V4.0 connector(s) for ASUS Wi-Fi GO! card
  • 1 x USB BIOS Flashback Button(s)

Lots of stuff...aint it?

Well..lemme sign off for today with a few more shots





Review is coming up shortly...until then enjoy this preview and let me know of your views comments by replying here or by a PM.

- Signing out ,
Sumon Pathak
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Awesome board and awesome pictures. Whats the price of this board? I wish i had the money to buy this :p.
BTW Does it support 4-way sli/cfx?


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How many on board USB3 headers are there one or two?
BTW, congrats are in order for your new purchase.


knocking on heavens door
four light blue ports are Sata II ports
2 white ports are sata III ports powered by Z77 chipset
last 2 navy blue ports are SATA III powered by marvell controller.
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