1. r4gs

    #2> ASUS RT-AC66U, RT-N66U, EA-N66: Setup and configuration

    Previously we had looked at the unboxing and preview of a couple of routers and an adapter from ASUS. We were quite pleased with their unique design, boxed contents and the slew of features they offered. Moving on, in this article, we’ll be describing about how easy it is to go about and setup...
  2. sunny4691

    My First Android :)

    Hi guys, after much of a waiting due to the holidays and bandhs in Assam, got my Nexus 4 16GB yesterday. Its my first android so still learning about all the features of android. Also got Skinomi screen protector + Nillkin white case.
  3. nick191

    Camera around Rs.30000/- and Rs.20000/-

    Hello guys I want to buy new camera but badget is not fixed... So please suggest me one around Rs.20,000/- and another around Rs.30,000/- Features that I want Blazing fast capture CMOS High Optical Zoom Compact Size
  4. sandyss

    Can you tell me a good tablet?

    Can you tell me a good android(3.0 and above) tablet with the following features.. 1. a good processor (above 1 ghz ) dual or quad core 2. atleast 1 gb ram 3. 7 to 8.9 inch screen 4. a good rear facing cam(also any front cam) 5. nvidia tegra preffered 6. long battery life 7. atleast 16 gb...
  5. Anorion

    magic droids

    often, incredible features of models are hidden away in all the myriad features, and devices get passed over in favor of others in a hivestorm of comments for example, Xperia Active was never considered a great model, but I loved it beyond anything and was shocked by a consensus that said...
  6. S

    Exr war...who wins sony hx 10 v or fujifilm f 660 exr..

    Is it sony or is it fuji who scores best in performance...(features and brand name aside)
  7. S

    Simple, Highly Reliable and Skype calling Phone for my aunt..

    Planning to buy a phone for my aunt. Her husband bought her samsung galaxy s duos, but she aint comfortable with touch screen and stuff. she requires a phone with keypad. The most imp features shes looking out for is Reliability and able to do calls on skype via wifi(audio compulsarily, video...
  8. sling-shot

    How is Samsung 21.5 inch LED - S22B370H Monitor for desktop usage?

    Samsung 21.5 inch LED - S22B370H Monitor: Flipkart.com My 17" CRT is making annoying squealing noises and it looks like it is the time to put the beast to rest. Would you recommend this Samsung 21.5 inch LED - S22B370H Monitor for my desktop with AMD X2 3600+, 3.5 GB RAM, Radeon HD 4670...
  9. S

    Media Player/DVD-BD Player/Amplifier

    Hi, I currently have a 40" LCD and 4 Box speakers (2 large - 120 W combined and 2 small 60 W combined). I am thinking of making a system which incorporates the following features - 1. An amplifier with minimum 120 - 200 W handling and reliable in nature . 2. A media player which can play...
  10. vipul619

    New LG Optimus G2 & New Android Confirmation? [Q3 2013]

    Optimus G is in shipping stages at many places and maybe an Optimus G2 is on the machines for a Q3 2013 release. Features top of the line specs. Quad-core 2.0/2.5GHz Krait processor At least 2GB of RAM Full-HD display Camera that features a sensor that's 13-megapixel or higher Also the...
  11. M

    can i make this awesome monitor "ACHIEVA Shimian QH270-Lite IPS " work like a Tv ?

    can we use this monitor as tv for regular usage ? ACHIEVA Shimian QH270-Lite IPS !!! this is my dumbest doubt i know... but by looking at its features, performane & great price, i will do anything to make it work like a tv... is that possible ??? pls guide me experts ... i am sure there are lot...
  12. S

    LG launches optimus l9 just for 22000

    the phone features rather impressive 4.7 inch display and 2150 mah battery which is 60% more than that on Xperia p priced similarly. other features are 1 gb ram and dual core processor, 5 mp camera and 4gb inbuilt expandable memory.
  13. iamharish15

    What is your review of Torch Browser?

    Recently been using Torch Browser and found the built-in features of browser quite useful. The feature that I find most useful is the Media Grabber as it allows to download all streaming audio and video from YouTube and other sites. While other built-in features such as Torrent Client, Easy...
  14. J

    Best LED 26" or 32" TV

    I am planning to buy LED TV (26" or 32") for my home I need to be at least stay with home for 5 years with some good features I am newbie on this can someone suggest me a good company to go with out of the following and if possible please share your experience with the company I also very...
  15. R

    Canon Powershot SX150 IS?

    Hello All Wanna buy a Camera around Rs.10k. There is only model which comes to mind right now because of all the features and the recommendation of everyone and that is Canon SX150 IS. I have operated it also at a store and find it to be nice. The only thing which troubles me is the...
  16. sanny16

    I want to buy a motherboard. what are the important features or factors to see

    Like wen i go for purchasing of HDD i look for better rpm, capacity, cache memory etc. likewise what do i need to go through when purchasing a motherboard as i have no idea about the features of motherboard.
  17. sayan8

    Want to buy the karbonn A21................

    Impressed by the features of A21......... Should i get it??
  18. SeenuGuddu

    non camera mobile with good feel/outlook and latest features in the range between 5 to 10k

    hi friends, suggest me a cameraless mobile but with good feel/outlook and latest features and the price range between Rs.5,000/- to 10,000/-
  19. P

    Webinar- IBM DB2 10 technology, 21st Sep, 3.30 PM-4.30 PM

    Hi, We are conducting a webinar on DB2 technology. This session will enable you to: Understand what DB2 10 database software is all about Know the reliability it provides on a choice of platform from Linux, Unix and Windows to z/OS Scale the exciting and powerful new features of the latest...
  20. M

    Asus Padfone the 3 in 1 Innovation !!!!

    I just saw this in news I dont know if any thread open for this so I am posting :) 3 In 1 Mobile + Tablet + Docking Station........ 16 hours + 60 hours + 102 hours.........Standby time (as per asus) OS: Android (4.0.3) Dimensions: 5.04 x 2.57 x 0.36 (128 x 65.4 x 9.2 mm) Weight...
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