1. ashs1

    flatparty ?? really ?? -____-

    so, recently a new social networking site was launched by Minister of State for Human Resource Development, Shashi Tharoor at an event in New Delhi last week. Flatparty: A new social networking website launched in India - Internet | ThinkDigit News & please don't confuse it with FB. Its not...
  2. P

    Need Advice for buying a phone under 5k

    Hey guys I want to buy a mobile phone under 5k. My requirements are good social features like FB whatsapp etc. Any OS would work. Help Me out please:-D
  3. quagmire

    LG G2 officially launched

    Specs: 5.2-inch 1080x1920 IPS display 2.26GHz Snapdragon 800 2GB RAM 16/32GB storage options 13MP rear shooter with OIS ( Optical Image Stabilizer), 2.1MP front camera Android 4.2.2 Rear-facing power button and volume control Bottom-facing speakers 3,000mAh battery 138.5 x 70.9 x 8.9mm...
  4. V

    Alternative app for Facebook..

    Hi guys,I am in need of a alternative app for fb as Original FB app is eating up a lot of RAM..I need the best one available.. I need all the features mainly page upload . Have tried atrium but still not satisfied..
  5. doomgiver

    Xolo Q700 vs Xolo X500

    Lava XOLO Q700 Price in India on 16 Jul, 2013, XOLO Q700 specifications, features & reviews | 91mobiles.com Xolo Q700 Lava XOLO X500 Price in India on 16 Jul, 2013, XOLO X500 specifications, features & reviews | 91mobiles.com Xolo X500 Not too much difference in prices, 500-1000 bucks at most...
  6. D

    Tab Around 6-8 k

    hello guys i want to buy a TAB.could anyone suggest me a good one my range 6-8k INR. looking for these features: 3g, wifi,gps and minimum of 512 mb RAM with single or dual core processor.
  7. Empirial

    Rumoured HTC One Phablet Features Leaked Online

    The much-rumoured HTC One Max (HTC T6) features and specifications have been leaked online. Mobile Leaks, a technology website, claims that the HTC One Max will sport a 6 inch Full HD (screen resolution 1920 x 1080) powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor 2.3 GHz. The device is rumoured to...
  8. B

    Which will be the best camera Sony , Canon or Nikon , I Wanna buy One

    I want to buy a Digital Camera for my Father , i have heard that Nikon and Canon are the best in the class, with Sony catching up on a steady pace , recently Sony Launched it 700 Series of CyberShot Cameras , i am very much impressed by the price it is offering for the DSC W710 and DSC W730...
  9. R

    Headphones for Samsung Mobile

    Hello Digitians, I'm looking for a Canal Headphone for Bassy music on my Galaxy S2. Should have MIC for Voice calling.Any other control features are welcome.Priority is sound and MIC. Please suggest.Budget upto 600-1000Rs. Prefer COWON,Philips,Panasonic. Thank you Guyz
  10. G

    XBox One Launched! Top features you need to know about the new XBox One!

    Hi Everyone.So as we know,Microsoft has finally unveiled the next generation of console after 8 Years of the XBox 360.Microsoft called it the XBox One and not the XBox 720 because the XBox One is trying to unify all the different entertainment devices in your living area into one single...
  11. V

    Buying Advice: MMX Canvas HD, Xolo Q800, Gionee D1, or Zen Ultrafone 701 HD ??

    Best phone out of these, on the basis of overall ratings of the below features: 1) Display quality 2) Processor, RAM, GPU performance 3) Features 4) Stock Android OS UI 5) Touch interface 6) Bugs free 7) Value for money My Personal thought: I've read great reviews of Xolo Q800 but i'm...
  12. quagmire

    Key Lime Pie: Features you want to see

    With Google I/O round the corner we might witness the next iteration of Android, whether its 4.3 or 5.0 is unclear.. A poll on CNETrevealed users voted for the following features in descending order: Multiwindow capability for having several apps open at once. A sweet backup service to...
  13. B

    Need a tab within 5k...for a starter!

    hi all, i want a tab within 5k just for having a starter experience of tablets...i need the following:- 1.atleast 512mb ram 2.atleast 1ghz cpu 3.ics os 4.good screen resolution 5.decent battery life 6.dongle support 7.and all other basic features... I would like to buy from a decent...
  14. abirthedevil

    2.1 on a budget

    Hello, want to purchase a 2.1 system preferably under 2.5k, can go up to 3k. Sound quality is prime consideration. Also features like usb, remote etc are secondary. Please provide me with some suggestions. Thanks
  15. vickybat

    The Power Behind Unreal Engine 4

    The most awaited next-gen engine from epic games is almost upon us. Its tech features has been extensively discussed in the following video. UE4 features a whole new different type of ray tracing called voxel cone raytracing that completely eliminates pre-compute based lighting features or...
  16. S

    Wanted to buy point and shoot camera around 10k

    Hello All, Wanted to buy new point and shoot camera. Requirements as follows.... 1. Optical Zoom around 10x 2. Compact in size 3. Sensors - don't know, but need best in this price range. 4. Does not need any features like wifi, 3g , or gps, any. But if any in price and not effecting...
  17. bittutora

    Please Suggest a 40K Phone

    Hi Guys! I am planning on buying a new Smartphone , But I am really stuck between these phones: Note 2 ; Xperia Z ; HTC One ; Galaxy S4(After Release) I like Note 2 better because of its enormous display, and it also features the SPen(good for my big...
  18. lakeport

    The Alternative Browser thread

    Well most of the people know only a few web browsers. The most popular browsers i've heard of are the usual chrome/FF/opera. So i've decided to compile a list of alternative browsers that i've used. Feel free to add your own. If i am unable to update this thread for some reason, i request the...
  19. shaurya.malik88

    LG announces a 27" personal Smart TV.

    Lg has announced a 27" personal smart tv which would have all the features a Smart Tv has. It would be a Full HD ips dispaly and have 3d capabilities as well. the smart features in it would allow you to browse the internet and get connected with facebook and other social networking sites as...
  20. r4gs

    #3> ASUS RT-AC66U, RT-N66U, EA-N66: In-depth features and analysis

    In our previous coverage of these networking devices from ASUS, we had looked at unboxing and preview along with their setup and configuration. ASUS RT-AC66U, RT-N66U, EA-N66: In-depth features and analysis
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