1. sam9953

    Is it alright to convert HDD from NTFS to FAT32?

    Hi guys I have a sony LED tv and love watching movies on it, but when I connect my seagate HDD it is not able to recognize it, probably because it is NTFS, so I want to convert it to FAT32, please can you tell me is it safe to convert my HDD to FAT32? Will my tv read it? Will it function the...
  2. damngoodman999

    Install Redhat from HDD ??

    I Doing some corporate training , in that we dont have much cd drivers in our lab , So we install it from HDD which is already running windows XP . Here its , i need to first convert the Fat32 to ext3 , wat shall i do ?? to make ext3 visible in windows XP ? Need to install...
  3. rapchik4u

    How to partition a 320GB external Drive to FAT32 without formating/erasing the data..

    hi, I have bought a new 320GB Freeagent Ext HDD...and started taking backup of my files. Presently it is in NTFS format which is by default setting. Now i want to create a partition in that drive (~50 GB) with FAT32 filesystem. I need FAT32 to make it compatible with my Divx DVD player with...
  4. R

    A, a, a, a, RAW format in my Flash Drive

    :lol: Hi, Friends, Windows xp defines my Pendrive is in RAW format I've a Flash Drive (1GB). The Windows detects the drive as a healthy but no autorun. I tried to open it but prompt for the option to format Y/N. As followed, guides to format dialogue box. Selected FAT32, clicked OK. The...
  5. NucleusKore

    Formatting a usb pen in fat32 using mkdosfs

    After unmounting the pendrive, and using fdisk to set the partition as W95 FAT32, I used the following command sudo mkdosfs -F 32 /dev/sdb1 Now everything was successful, but when I try to paste files as user I cannot because the owner of the filesystem is root (I had to be root to fdisk...
  6. saurabh kakkar

    Grub giving Error 17 in stage1 :(

    plz help me my sys has stared giving Error 17 :( when i try grub> find /boot/grub/stage1 it gives following error Error 15: File not found Now when i try mounting root partition using the livecd: I dont know what is my root partition to be put in this command sudo mount...
  7. M

    plain dvd9 availability? && fat32 to ntfs conversion

    Where can i get plain dvd9. And the price if available and loc. :D Is there any way to overcome the 4 gb per file size in fat32 other than converting to ntfs? Can I convert a drive to ntfs from fat32 when data/files are there in the same drive or Do i have to format the drive to convert? What...
  8. A

    Format 400GB HDD

    Hi, I am not able to format 400GB seagate HDD with fat32. In this forum i saw that every one suggest partion magic 8.0. I also download, but it is a demo version . It only demonstrates . nothing did actually. (powerquest partition magic 8.0 size ~22 MB) I installed win xp SP2 successfully. and...
  9. hellknight

    OpenSUSE 11, mounting probs

    Hey guys, today I installed OpenSUSE 11 on my PC. It truly is a beautiful OS. Now, i'm facing a prob. All my partitions are mounted but I'm unable to write on them including FAT32 ones, forget NTFS. This never happened before in OpenSUSE 10.3. I know the ntfs-3g command, but can you tell me...
  10. din

    FAT32 to NTFS Conversion - Safe for sure ?

    OK, here comes the nOOb question I have 3 HDD in my PC. Two internal (Samsung 80 and Seagate 250) and one External (WD Passport - 80). I partitioned all but I forgot to make everything same format, I mean some are FAT32 and some are NTFS :( I already installed a lot of things and prefer not...
  11. Ashok Verma

    FAT32 partiton

    i want to know what is the smallest partition we can create using FAT32 format ?
  12. Vivek788

    Hard Disk

    Log of fsck -C -R -A -a Fri Apr 4 23:53:11 2008 fsck 1.40.2 (12-Jul-2007) dosfsck 2.11, 12 Mar 2005, FAT32, LFN /dev/hdb2: 40974 files, 1350804/1769067 clusters dosfsck 2.11, 12 Mar 2005, FAT32, LFN There are differences between boot sector and its backup. Differences...
  13. B

    Nee help to recover HDD data

    Hi, I was installing Kubuntu Linux in my system with the Kubuntu Alternate CD (CUI installation CD). My system info : - Intel Original Motherboard 102 Ggc (32 Bit) ...|- Onboard ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Disply ...|- Onboard Realtek High Definition Audio - CPU P4 3.06 - 256 MB DDR RAM - 16x LG DVD...
  14. smile

    Fat 32 Data Recovery

    HI..............GUYS:) MY Cousion has formated my system now they were important data in the drive....so plzzz can anyone help me to get fat32 data recovery software ...i know its a paid ..but atleast a trial for few days so that i might get back my data...plzzz its urgent....:(
  15. K

    [TUTORIAL]WIN: Convert FAT to NTFS Without Losing Data

    In coming dayz, ill share my knowledge with ya guyz :D What is nfts and fat32? It are filetypes for your harddisk. For windows 98se and before, is the filetype for your harddisk fat32 or fat16. Nfts is the standard for windows XP. People say that nfts is faster then fat32, i can imagine...
  16. Vivek788

    FAT32 from XP

    I installed an XP SP2 on my new system.I had made all partitions.Now on formatting I get only ntfs as option,I want majority to be fat32 so that i can easily access it from linux.Wasn't there an option to make fat32 drives from xp?DO i have to install 3rd party softwares?if so which one?
  17. saurabh kakkar

    help me on these problems

    hi every time i log into ubuntu 7.04 i have to mount my FAT32 partions from PLACES->COMPUTERS is there any way so that these partions will mount automatically after ubuntu stars. also is there any download meter for ubnutu cos i have 400mbs per month conne. Code: sudo fdisk -l gives...
  18. V

    convert fat32 to ntfs

    can any one tell me how to convert fat32 patition to ntfs specially c:? how to unmount c: before converting
  19. A

    Vista corrupted my drive

    Hi guys, I have a 164 GB Sata 2 HDD with following partitions : C : 20 GB NTFS - Primary, Active - XP SP2 installed D : 10 GB NTFS - Primary - Vista Installed E : 15 GB FAT32 - Primary - Dump F : 20 GB FAT32 - Logical - G : 20 GB FAT32 - Logical - H : 25 GB FAT32 - Logical - I ...
  20. *GandaBerunda*

    How to Resize Partitions?

    i am having a 160gb hard disk. I want to Partition my Computer with 4 partitons of 30 Gb and and 1 of 20 GB...how do i Without Losing my Data and my present WIndwos Installation? This is my Current Hard disk Status : 6 Drives : C:\ (Windows XP Installation) Total Capacity : 23.2 GB Free Space...
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