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  • 1909 for 8.5k. I think that person gave wrong info. anyways, check with the second person (who quoted 8.5k for 198wfp) if he can get you 1909wfp and also make sure that all the warranty thing is taken care of. Give a call to Dell customer care, give them the name of the dealer from which you are going to purchase the monitor and ask them about warranty. ask them if they provide onsite support if you buy directly from them.
    if you buy from Dell directly, all you need to do is to call their customer care and report the problem. They will send their engineer to your house to fix the problem.

    btw, where do you live?
    I think 865GBF will support 1440x900 resolution. the display will not look stretched. Instead, you will feel that it's lot better when compared to 15" or 17" CRT. easy on the eyes, damn good clarity and text is very crisp and clear.

    I bought it for 9.2k at a local dealer but I would suggest you to buy online from Dell. they take 1-2 weeks for shipping but you won't face warranty issues (which you may face if the dealer from which you buy is not direct dell dealer).

    Also check samsung T190 and 943nwx if you want to explore more models. I would stay away from viewsonic and aoc.
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