PC is FAST... why?

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WOW... are you?
Yes.. that's the question ?

Sometimes my PC just acts so weird... i mean it is way to fast as in "sensitive to my mouse clicks and all"

Like say is click on IE icon... and 2 or 3 opens (as if i clicked it more than twice)

windows closed and minimized... while I'm clicking around... is it virus or anything?

Like while typing and highlighting a certain section of text... i highlight it and it won't remain that way.

As in copy past is also a lil irritating... i highlight a section of text and it just won't remain that way. x(


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I think your mouse is acting weird ... try changing to a different mouse.It might also be a problem with your keyboard.I had same thing occur once when my keyboard started acting weird.It just typed away some keys,opened windows unnecessarily


Is actually a real word..
r they wireless keyboard/mouse? have you tried to adjust the accessibility options located in control panel?
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