Can't update directX9.0b to directX9.0c

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I brought a new system with configration-

Intel C2D 4300,1GB DDR2(667)RAM,G965 MB(GA3000),seagate 160GB,WinXP

i can't play any new shows i want directX9.0c.When i checked it only has 9.0b.then i try updating it many times,setup completes very fast but DirectX diagnostic tool shows it unchainged,then i updated Drivers,Still no change.What to do i want to play!!!!:confused:
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wer do u dl d Dx redistributable from?
dl it from MS website and den install it and den c if it updates it 2 dx9c

Choto Cheeta

Install the Windows XP SP2 RTM... as if you have any Beta Version of SP2 it may contain DX 9.0b, where as SP2 Fian comes with DX 9.0c


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Hey dude

Don't worry. Its more than easy to install DX 9.0b to 9.0c
1. Download Directx Hapy Uninstall from
2. Now uninstall your DX 9.0b, After restart your DX version will be DX 8
3. Now Install your DX 9.0c from below link

4. This will allow to install DX 9.0c, which is required to play your game/hardware, etc...

Remember DX 9b to DX 9c is not possible, hence you to go via DX 9b -> Dx 8 ->DX 9c

Take care
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