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  1. S

    GTA:SA help

    Its been months i've been stuck in a single mission. If you've played the game, you'd know maddog's mission. I'm supposed to save maddog who's drunk and threatening to kill hiself by jumping from a casino roof. I have to run to a nearby truck and drive it to the place where he would fall. But to...
  2. R

    Third High Definition DVD Format to Come This Fall

    The ongoing war between Blu-ray and HD DVD high-definition video formats is heating up as appropriate players become more affordable. While the end of the battle is still far ahead, there is a small company from London, England, which plans to offer truly affordable high-definition format...
  3. [A]bu

    A great Saying

    Some one had told and it is famous "Think twice before you speak" what does that mean.... If we go very deep u wont fall but find many answers can you get any one of them... Have a fun
  4. Pravas

    CHK my Pc Configuration

    Please check my Pc configuration and please tell me if the Hardware goes well with each other. Processor:- Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E6400 Mobo:- Asus P5B DLX Hard Disk:- Segate Sata 2 320 GB Graphics Card:- XFX 7900GS 256MB RAM:- Transcend 2x1 GB DDR2 667 MHZ Dvd Writer:-...
  5. T

    Mercenaries 2 coming to PC.

    Mercenaries 2 Announced for PC. Rumors that the PS3 exclusive Mercenaries 2: World in Flames would be coming to the Xbox 360 having proven to be overwhelmingly true, as EA and Pandemic just announced that development is not only extending to Microsoft's console, but to the PC and...
  6. anarchy0x

    E6600 C2D price fall

    how long will it take the for intel C2D prices to fall? & by how much will they fall?, i.e if they do. Should I wait to buy it or buy it now??
  7. H

    New Rig

    guys!! i m thinkin of buyin new budget cpu(conroe e6300) and mobo. pls suggest me the decent .config. is it right time 2 buy or can i expect a price fall? i can wait 4 a month. also pls comment on msi Q965mdo mobo. thnx!!!! in advance
  8. codename_romeo

    DDR2 help

    Are DDR2 prices about to fall in few weeks....? I read a thread in QnA section ....someone there had posted that ddr2 prices should fall in few weeks......Is it true? coz i was about to buy 1 gb stick of ddr2
  9. executioner

    Price Fall

    what will be the cost of 7600GT by mar 2007?
  10. deepak.krishnan

    Matrix effect in VB???

    Hi friends, I would like to know how to create a matrix effect in Visual Basic 6. I got a VB project and the link is given below. In that thing, it displays " Matrix Fall". I want it to change it to "Infosoft E-Learn" . Can you please help? It is really urgent...
  11. nitish_mythology

    Price Fall

    I am finally planning to buy Nokia 6630,but some of my friends suggested me to wait till diwali ends as according to them companies hike their price during this period. I too have a same experience with a samsung product i brought few years ago.Will the price of 6630 fall after...
  12. sujithtom

    Broadband prices may fall further-Rediff

    Source: http://in.rediff.com/money/2005/oct/13broad.htm Why are they trying to reduce cost now?? If u ask me now they should try to spread it throughout India and broadband must reach even in remote villages.
  13. harshitjain

    Howz IPOD NANO ???

    Hey all u guys I've got to buy a portable flash based mp3 player. How do u all think is iPod nano? I think it's prices will fall in 2 to 3 mojavascript:emoticon(':)')nths.
  14. V

    Half Life 2 Aftermath

    Hey folks, check the screens of Aftermath here: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/halflife2aftermath/screenindex.html I can hardly wait for the release in this fall. :)
  15. T

    will hardware prices fall after budget?

  16. I

    PnP OS

    Please enlighten me! Which are the OS s that fall in the PnP (Plug and PLay) catagory? :?:
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