1. D

    Vibration almost dead after phone fall

    My Galaxy s4 survived a fall while on bike. It is working flawlessly except the vibration has gone down. I tested with app, the motor is working but not like before.
  2. W

    Titan Fall 2 - Will it run on my PC

    Hi Guyz, Need your help in confirming if Titan Fall 2 will run on my PC. Here are my specs. Also what FPS will I get in my current GPU without overheating the system. I seen many people post in youtube that it runs but in can you run it in my PC website confirms it wont run :( Please help...
  3. S

    Fall 2018

    Which is the right time to take GRE for Fall 2018?
  4. nomad47

    [PC] Grand Theft Auto V

    Good news for GTA fans. It is official. GTA V is coming to PC this fall. Grand Theft Auto 5 coming to PC and Xbox One as well as PS4 this fall (update) | Polygon Now where us that petition guy? I want to throw this in his face!! Updated: Videocardz.com has listed a number of games which...
  5. G

    Question about hair spa

    Today I came to know about something called hair spa from a friend in which they use some kind of special shampoo or something which helps in dealing with problems like dry hair, dandruff, hair fall etc. So anyone here have tried out this before?
  6. samudragupta

    upgrading htc one x to G2 - any G2 users

    Hi friends i was wondering if anyone out there was using G2 and can share his experience with the phone. Should i wait for the price to fall in the next 2 months or should i wait till next year for other flagship models to launch. Thanks
  7. Anorion

    Deus Ex : The Fall

    new Deus Ex title, not for console or pc :D gonna be released for iOS first, later on android it's the first of a series *youtu.be/fw3w68YrKwc Deus Ex: The Fall Isn't a Mobile Cash-In - IGN Square Enix announces Deus Ex: The Fall for mobile, first installment coming this summer
  8. RCuber

    Hard Disc Price Droped?

    I just went through a price list (Computer Warehouse Online - Buy Computers, Computer Parts, Computer Accessories, Laptops and Electronics) and saw that Hard Disc prices has gone down. 500GB - Rs. 3600 1TB - Rs. 4500 2 TB - Rs. 6200 When did the price start to fall? I had postponed my...
  9. R

    Which phone to choose iphone 4 or Samsung galaxy s2

    I still cant make my mind between the galaxy s2 and iphone4. I live in India. The main reason for holding me back from iphone is that the problem of the screen getting scathe even for a lightest fall. Should I consider this as a limitation and remove iPhone from my choice. Is there any...
  10. M

    Canon SX40 hs vs sonyhx200v vs nikon p510 vs panasonic fz150 vs canon sx240hs

    which is best in image quality and other all around features in this range of product or any other is good in this range??? all fall mostly in super zoom with manual control..
  11. cyborg47

    Doom 3 BFG edition/ HD remake!

    source Doom 3 BFG Edition Coming This Fall - Doom 3 BFG Edition - PC - www.GameInformer.com Can't wait!! Any doom3 fans here?
  12. bajaj151

    Graphics Card for 1920*1080

    Resolution : 1920*1080 Should RUN games (Full Settings) : COD, NFS , FIFA etc. Budget : 12K (Can extend, if worth spending more) Is 6850 or 6870 sufficient OR Should I wait for prices to fall ? ?
  13. C

    Hardware problems with the Xperia Neo V?

    I recently bought a Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V last month and my opinion of the phone, atleast software wise is great. However, two problems have cropped up. 1. I accidently dropped a my phone 2-3 times and with each fall, i've seen that a noticeable amount of the white paint (my device being...
  14. Sujeet

    Transformers : Fall Of Cybertron

    Transformers:Fall Of Cybertron : The Direct Sequel To Transformers: War For Cybertron The Top Notch 2010 Third Person Shooter Action/Adventure Game From Hasbro and High Moon Studios Is Going To Hit Stores In Fall this Year. War for cybertron featured some seriously intensive...
  15. H

    Fall's Top Military Styles

    We're not always big on sweeping fashion trends, but, we have to admit, the latest wave of fall military-inspired styles is pretty persuasive—if not downright unavoidable! The earthy palette of olive greens and burnished neutrals, along with lots of smart utility features and clean cuts is a...
  16. azzu

    HAIR FALL :(

    Guys My Hair's Falling iam already bald(30%) at age of 17 we dont have good noted skin specialists out here so plz help guys and medicines watever that may help stop hair fall or even grow hair back :D iam presently using minoxidil gel 2% fem company but hasnt shown any progress sorry for...
  17. comp@ddict


    Plz don't tell me how much this forum sucks, the sky will fall down on that. SO uniting for demand of old forum theme.
  18. s18000rpm

    US Air Force Sponsored Games - FREE

    Get Area 51, The Suffering and Rise & Fall Civilizations at War completely free of charge. Air Force Sponsored Games The Suffering Rise & Fall : Civilizations at War Area 51
  19. cyborg47

    Wait for the prices to fall....???

    hi everyone... Im gonna buy a new pc for animation and gaming...here goes the config.. core2quad Q9300 2.5GHz nvidia nforce 780i mobo 2X2 gb ddr2 ram 8800gt 512 MB ddr3 Hitachi 500GB sata2 HDD samsung 19" LCD coolermaster RC330 cab coolermaster 600VA and and any cooling solution if...
  20. H

    XP eXPired - Today.......

    We Xp addicts are now the Xpired users....... Microsoft declares the expiration of Windows Xp..... This is the thread to get all the non-techy talk out. I also hope that they also withdraw the copyright and we all can use some original xp (IYKWIM) well, will you think the old guy will stand...
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