upgrading htc one x to G2 - any G2 users


Hi friends i was wondering if anyone out there was using G2 and can share his experience with the phone. Should i wait for the price to fall in the next 2 months or should i wait till next year for other flagship models to launch. Thanks
If u can wait, then wait, if u want a new phone, get it now. If u r waiting for better specs, then note that technology changes very fast, so waiting game will go on n on

G2 is a great phone for its price, it would have great dev support, so tensions if LG doesn't release official upgrades after one upgrade


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G2 is ranked among the top 3 phones along with Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One. For the price, G2 is a great phone. Multi windows can be adjusted for transparency, so you can work on background apps (eg. enter text in SMS, while watching video!). IR Blaster also very handy for TV remote control.


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HTC One X is a very capable phone. Hold off for another year. Next year, get a Nexus, which will probably come with ART VM, which would be a lot faster than current Dalvik VM. Also, there is a possibility of introduction of 64 bit instruction set in the processors. Also, Google is building a better camera stack, which should be ready by next year... -- Google is working on a new Android camera API, supports Camera RAW | Ars Technica

Load up some custom ROM on HTC One X and it will be good enough for a year... I would do that if I was in your place. My current daily driver is Galaxy Nexus, which is already 2 years old specwise, but fast enough for me... Will push it till next year as well... HTC One X is a lot better than my GNex, with a better screen and camera. Hold it for a year, might be worth it...


thanks for your suggestions friends. my htc one x has started giving battery issues and doesnt last more than 7hrs... this sux and hence was planning to upgrade...
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