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Hardware problems with the Xperia Neo V?


Broken In
I recently bought a Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V last month and my opinion of the phone, atleast software wise is great. However, two problems have cropped up.

1. I accidently dropped a my phone 2-3 times and with each fall, i've seen that a noticeable amount of the white paint (my device being white) fall off. Even a slight brush with my car's dashboard caused a small chunk from the edges to fall off. Has anyone had similar experiences? Or can anyone suggest solutions?

(ive tried a silicone case, but something strange even happens here. When i tried to take off a particular case which I did not like, even more paint came off from the phone!)

2. Till yesterday,the headphone jack on the phone was working fine. But yesterday, I connected the phone to pair of external speakers. The phone behaved normally during then, but after I removed the speaker cables, the jack seemed to have stopped working. Now, all I hear when i connect any pair of headphones to the jack is some kind of repetitive static noise. No music whatsoever. Again, has anyone else experienced this? And any solutions?

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