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  1. ax3

    Make Older Add-Ons Work with Firefox 3.0

    If you're willing to risk instability, a simple preference hack can bring out-of-date browser extensions back to life. If you're like me, you've been playing around with the beta releases of Firefox 3.0.The new version of the open source browser is better-looking, uses less memory, and feels...
  2. B

    Firefox is corrupt

    my firefox suddenly stopped working yesterday, no webpage seems to open. when i open firefox i get a pop-up titled Alert! saying that network connection could not be established. i would like to mention that i installed the following extensions, incase it helps.. 1. Google browser sync 2...
  3. trublu

    Help me!!

    How do I play files with the extensions .sfd and .vp6 on my pc?
  4. K

    Can't display file extensions

    I don't know why running windows explorer can't show some files extension on Windows Vista Even the OS is no choose "hide file extensions for known file types" on folder options. So only rename file name that can't edit file extension. (for example : abc.xxx edit to abc.zzz) I double check the...
  5. V

    firefox problem

    hi guys recently firefox hangs a lot in my system and start using 100 % cpu, currently i am using this extensions fasterfox,flashgot,pdfdownload,skype extension,adblock,tab mix pix . plz help needed to fix this problem and i have 512 mg ram
  6. A

    what will happen if i update my firefox ?

    if ill update my firefox to 2.X, all the Bookmarks and Bookmarks Toolbar, all cookies and such, extensions and everything else will be saved ?
  7. S

    What are .MDF and .MDS files?

    Hi! Can you tell me what these extensions stand for? My friend dowloaded some software which have these extensions (I am almost sure that they are .MDF and .MDS) Plz tell me what to do with them... If they are used to write on to CDs or some form of archives, plz tell me the procedure to work...
  8. techno geek

    6600 camcorder files???how to open in pc

    hi friends i wanna know tht recently i used camcorder s/w in 6600 to record a video clip. after extracting it 2 my pc 2 diff files r created extensions were: 1) .eye 2) .ear how 2 view tht or convert it 2 some other format guys plz help me.
  9. rajivrocks

    Should i switch to Firefox 2??

    i am using firefox should i switch to firefox 2?? please tell me why they are not updating my current version to firefox 2 instead providing me with a new version and one more querry i have a installed some extensions can i back up them....
  10. blackpearl

    Properties Plus : Advanced properties

    Properties Plus is an Explorer shell extension that lets you modify file attributes, file extensions and time stamps by simply right-clicking. Properties Plus adds a new menu item to the context menu that appears when you right click on a file. You can select a single file, multiple files, or...
  11. ax3

    FireFox 2 USERS ! ! !

    i am using FF1.5 bt since digit has given FireFox 2 .... wanna try it ....... ppl using FireFox 2 do face any problems regarding memory & compatibility with extensions ? & is it TRUE, FireFox 2 has new addon which can accept or adjust previous extensions ? (this thing was mention on...
  12. S

    Does Firefox 2 have any issues?

    I'm currently on FF 1.8 and wanna migrate to FF2 (as if the topic name wasn't clear ;) ) Jus' wanna know if there are any compatibiliy issues with extensions. Cuz IIRC FF2 had some issues with extensions not far ago. ah.... one more thing. What are those RSS readers? my-yahoo and google's...
  13. eddie

    OpenOffice bundles Mozilla

    Even though its old news but I did not see anyone posting about it on forums so here it goes: Source: TechWorld
  14. eddie

    Firefox 2 Release Candidate 1 released.

    Firefox 2 Release Candidate 1 (RC 1), the preview release of the next version of the Firefox browser, is now available for download. Web application developers, the testing community, and users who want to get a sneak peek at the next version of Firefox should download and install this release...
  15. H

    RE:*.jar & *.jad

    Hi all.. I would appreciate someone explaining to me the applications of the following file extensions: 1. .jar 2. .jad I have come across these while downloading aoolications for my phone W810i. For all downloads, both these file extensions are indicated. Do I presume that bothe have to...
  16. P

    Firefox ext not installing

    hi users.. in my firefox browser , already 46 extensions r there..when i clcik for new install..its opening my side bar extension window..but not installing..any. at the bottom ..!! i checked it..i did restarted the browser and checked once again...extensions are not installing...though i get...
  17. S

    Using an RSS reader-will it result in reduced bandwidth usage??

    Hi!I am on BSNL's Home 250 Plan(0.4GB bandwidth limit) and paranoid about exhausting my allotted bandwidth. My question is :will using an RSS reader to access RSS enabled sites like the Mozilla extensions site showing recently updated extensions lead to reduced b/w usage than actually opening...
  18. M

    firefox 2.0 beta ....out....

    download it here.... http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/bonecho-beta1-candidates/rc1/firefox-2.0b1.en-US.win32.installer.exe i think its a not a good improvement over all ur addons will get disabled ..... but by now i have found a cure: Extensions are...
  19. go_gamez

    How To Install Firefox Extensions From Digit/pc World Dvd..

    how do i install the firefox extensions in the digit and pc world dvd..all the files are *.xpi files..and when i click it ..it asks to select the programe..do i have to copy the files to some folder ??or install them in some other way ..please tell me !!
  20. T

    Firefox 1.5 : Peculiar Problem, need help

    I had been using firefox latest version with all extensions, themes and settings confugured according my use. Now that recently there was a power upsurge and firefox crashed badly. After that when i resumed windows everything in firefox was set to defaults. I had to configure the...
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