1. S

    Recovering file types having custom extensions

    hi can anyone suggest me a software to recover my deleted files from my sdcard having extensions like ".a", ".tar", ".obb" I accidentally deleted them and now i want to recover them back so can anyone suggest a software to recover them without any error Pls reply
  2. Cool Buddy

    how to register .to or .ly domain

    I don't want to register currently, but I've been looking for it and can't find any site offering those extension also, there are other extensions like gl, mp, be, st etc. where can we register these domains
  3. ssk_the_gr8

    Opera 11 is out!

    so here's the final release...with many new features check it out V7jC1j9Is6o Choose Opera - Spreading Opera goodness Opera Features Information Download Opera 11
  4. ico

    Opera 11 beta released! - comes with extensions and tab stacking

    Opera 11 beta is now available for download from Opera web browser | Opera 11 beta - This one goes to eleven. The beta is loaded with new features. Some are new, while others are improvements to existing Opera features like tabs and mouse gestures. :p Stack it like it's hot We introduced...
  5. leo61611616

    Opera 11 Will Get Extension Support

    Opera announced that version 11 of Opera browser will support extensions. It means Opera's desktop browser will get the ability to be customized by users via extensions just like Chrome and Firefox. Read More Here
  6. paroh

    Firefox Startup time

    What is ur firefox startup time version 3.6.6 with or without Addons extensions. 23 Extension enabled 15 Extensions Disabled Startup time is between 6-7 Seconds
  7. soumya

    New release of Google Chrome for Windows with extensions and bookmark sync

    Today we're excited to introduce a new stable release of Google Chrome for Windows, which includes two of the browser's most frequently requested features: extensions and bookmark sync. Extensions let you add new features and functions to your browser. Some provide one-click access to some of...
  8. Gauravs90

    Malware Writers Target Firefox Through Extensions

    One of the first things many people do to try and avoid security problems on Windows is to switch users to Firefox. It's true that Internet Explorer is a big fat target and probably the exclusive target of most browser-oriented malware, but that's not the whole story. Much drive-by malware works...
  9. NewsBytes

    Google Chrome extensions gallery goes online

    For all those itching to try extensions for Google Chrome, but were waiting for Google's blessings, they have now been given. The Google Chrome Extensions Gallery is now open for all, and not just for submissions this time.    Even before Google got to task, there have been quite a few...
  10. desiibond

    Yee haa. Google chrome extensions are coming and am attending a session on how to do

    will update slides here :) ----------------------------------------- Posted again: ----------------------------------------- http://www.chromeextensions.org/
  11. User Name

    Are the firefox extensions are safe ?

    Are all of the firefox extensions are safe to use? if not how to identify them? IS Ad-block plus is safe or not?
  12. paroh

    Firefox addons or Extensions

    I uploaded the most recent and updated version of Firefox addons or Extensions. Just extract these files new firefox addons or extensions.part1.rar and new firefox addons or extensions.part2.rar and drag the extracted files in the mozilla firefox to install the extension...
  13. R

    What are the extensions in firefox borwser everyone talking about?

    I really want to know wat are those extensions everyone talking about...And wat are they used for?..can someone give some examples to undestand about it?
  14. tuxfan

    EPABX for home

    Hi guys, I am looking for an EPABX system for home use. Need 308 (3 lines, 8 extensions) with a budget about 5-7k. Any suggestions? TIA.
  15. rhitwick

    Firefox hanging...... :?:

    HI, I'm facing a weired problem with Firefox. Its getting stuck while scrolling, on opening Rapidshare, a few forums, I'm totally clueless. When it hangs I checked Taskmanager if any other processes are running, but found nothinbg nothing suspicious. Did a anitivirus scan with KIS...
  16. Amir.php

    firefox 3- Use any oldest extension or theme!

    It may be Possible some one already know it, But My Method is More easy and straightforward Many of us now currently using the firefox 3. No doubt the firefox is now a No. 1 browser. One of the most important thing which makes firefox browser great is its extensions. Extensions and themes are...
  17. Ecko

    Download Mozilla Firefox 3

    Here is link that gonna redirect automatically for those who don't trust the above link http://download.mozilla.org/?product=firefox-3.0&os=win&lang=en-US How to use old extensions on Mozilla FF3 Go to about:config Then in the search bar type compatibility Change the following to...
  18. P

    Problem while installing extension in Firefox

    Hey friends, plz view the attachment and tell me how to correct this problem when I try to install extensions in Firefox 3 RC2 Thanks! Image can be found on http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/4538/errorlm5.jpg
  19. rhitwick

    Flash movie download..... :?:

    How to download Flash clips or movies from any site...........currently i'm using DownloadHelper 3.0.4 which is not working sometimes.......anything else......... I've also tried some other extensions......but they are worthless comparing to DownloadHelper.... Any recommendations...... :|
  20. topgear

    How to Use Older Extensions and Themes With Newer Versions of Firefox

    If you want to use Extensions & themes that are not insatalling on newer versions of firefox then follow these steps : > Open Firefox. > on the address bar type “about:config” without the quotes. > create a new Boolean key aka preference & name it “extensions.checkCompatibility”...
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