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  1. chinmay

    [Problem] Google Toolbar For Firefox

    Lately, My default browser Mozilla Firefox had gone very slow and I had had many unusable Extensions and Themes which couldn't be removed. So, I went ahead and deleted the folder C:\Documents and Settings\My Name\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles and started Firefox again. It started...
  2. N

    Firefox add-ons disabled

    Hi I tried the Firefox 2 alpha, which disabled themes and extensions while installation. Now I've uninstalled the test release and reverted back to 1.5, but the themes and extensions are not enabled. How do I fix that???
  3. tuXian

    Branded File Extensions On Web Server

    DirectI is launching web hosting services to its resellers come Jan 1 2006. I was just checking the demo of their hosting service and found an option called Branded File Extensions. Since its a demo I couldnt implemented. From the interface [See Screenshot below] I could see an option to...
  4. T

    Website extension

    Can i have an entire list of website extensions eg: .com, .gov, .ws, .org..........which else? can u gimme the list that inlcudes all the extensions
  5. D

    problem with firefox

    ive been using firefox since a couple of months now. this one time when i opened it, it asked me to create a profile before opening the browser. i did and now all my personalised settings, bookmarks and extensions are lost. i didnt even install any extensions which could cause this to happen...
  6. C

    Great New Firefox Extensions.

    I have browsed the 37 pages full of firefox extensions at http://www.extensionsmirror.nl and found some more great extensions. Don,t know the exact locations but i am mentioning the names.Search them using the site search box at www.extensionmirror.nl 1. Download Manager Tweak : Most of...
  7. sav_more

    firefox addons...help needed!!

    i recently got the firefoxaddonSuite fron the CHIP mag cd. it has themes plugins extensions ..a lot of them. can any one tell me how to install all these. extensions are in the .xpi & themes r .jar format . thanks in advance!! :)
  8. sreevirus

    Wanna learn how to create firefox extensions? have a look!!

    i just stumbled across this site and thought it might be useful...it describes the steps in creating a simple extension for firefox. How to write Firefox extensions: http://extensions.roachfiend.com/howto.php although it requires a little knowledge aboutwindows registry and it might not be as...
  9. drgrudge

    List your favourite firefox extensions...

    Well FF is know to have additional features, with the help of extensions..., list the best extensions which u use... mine best five (although, i use more): * adblocker * gmail notifier * chatzilla * bandwidth meter * bugmenot
  10. L

    firefox takes long to start

    when i first got firefox it used to fire up immediately. now it takes about 10-12 secs! is it cause i ve installed a lot of extensions?
  11. rajesh

    Extensions for Firefox

    Hi, All firefox fans. Some extensions for ypu. https://update.mozilla.org/extensions/showlist.php?application=firefox&version=1.0&numpg=&category=Download%20Tools Firefox is the BEST. :D
  12. G

    List your 'Must haves'!

    Lets list a couple of must-have programs! List only the ones which you absolutely need, ones which stand out from the crowd. Also give a brief description of each Btw don't list NAV, Nero and the like! Here goes mine--- 1. Hare (Doubles the speed of your pc.... well, almost 2. Start Button...
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