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Opera 11 is out!


Make Way the LORD is Here
so here's the final release...with many new features

check it out

It's release day (yeay!) and we're excited to share with you the most powerful Opera browser to date. Opera 11 combines elegant design, smart updates to some of our most popular features and new ways to customize Opera to your preferences.

Stack it like it's hot

Tabs was first introduced with Opera 1.0 back in 1995. To try Tab stacking simply drag one tab over another and release it. This will create your very own stack.

Mouse Gestures gone visual

Most people love mouse gestures. With the flick of a wrist, you can navigate back and forwards, open new pages, close tabs and so much more. In Opera 11, we have made it easier to discover and master mouse gestures.You might get disappointed when your favorite gestures do not work in other browsers. Access the full list of mouse gestures and master the ancient art of navigating websites with your mouse...

Extend your Opera features

Opera has a rich and varied feature set, but we can't anticipate everything. So, we've introduced extensions to help you personalize Opera even more. To launch extensions, simply click the Opera Menu and select Extensions. Then, click “Get Extensions”. Now, you can browse our extensions and choose between our vast catalog of extensions to your Opera browser!

Top-5 most downloaded extensions:
NoAds by Lex1
LastPass by lastpass
FastestTube — YouTube Video Downloader by fastesttube
Image preview by whochan
Translate by neilj

Choose Opera - Spreading Opera goodness

Opera Features Information

Download Opera 11
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Cyborg Agent
They really hurried it this time . Earlier it used to take ages from the point of beta testing to RC to final.


****ing excellent browser...

setup size has reduced cuz of better compression and no use of windows installer...opera now uses their own developed one-click installer which is awesome...

Opera ftw!!!
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