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Opera 11 Will Get Extension Support


Opera announced that version 11 of Opera browser will support extensions.


It means Opera's desktop browser will get the ability to be customized by users via extensions just like Chrome and Firefox.

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long time Opera fan here. :D great news for me.

They also need to improve the Linux version too.


It was about time Opera take this decision. It should be aam aadmi's browser and not just for the small groups. Widgets were uninspiring.

I seriously hope i find a separate download manager extension like DownThemAll for Opera which has Limits on the number of simultaneous downloads (Queue Option). This lack of a feature in Opera is baffling for so long.


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Yup, because of the lack of extension feature... I have to browse in FF some times to que downloads in Internet Download Manager. With this extension support.. I'm sure that Opera is going to blow our minds. My only wish is that, this extension support should not be like the implementation of gadgets, which wasn't that great.


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Thanks for sharing the news - it's great that the favorite browser of mine will get extension support.

in one word - the best browser of the world just got even better


Woohoo! Amazing decision. Indyan had posted on his blog about the need for API long ago. Here it is.

I have suggested Opera to quite a few people in my college and they all like it!


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copycat opera

where are the fanboys who argue tabs were copied from opera

now opera itself copies extensions from firefox



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Opera's extensions aren't like Firefox's extensions (the way they work) anyways. ;) In functioning, they are.


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I think Microsoft was the company to first start extension support with their IE5 which was released in 1999. Compare that to Firefox which was released in 2004. I'm not sure.. But I think it was MS idea in first place. It sure was not that success.


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AdBlock and NoScript is what i am looking forward for :D then its bye bye FireFox.


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I guess I was living in the stone ages :p .. I should set "Digit Forum" back on the speed dial :D
Opera also has a CSS applier if ya didn't know and can run UserJS. ;) (no need of Stylish & GreaseMonkey like we have in Firefox)

And yea, you should really set "Digit Forum" back on the speed dial. :p
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