1. Nanducob

    Frustrating things related to technology :(

    Just found out that my wifi was being used by my neighbor without my permission.He is in 12 th standard ,he failed the exams and is appearing exams due next year. This explains my low internet speed at certain times as I couldn't watch 360p youtube video(its a 86KBPS connection) His house is...
  2. ax3

    yahoo mail ! ! !

    hi, am trying to login to my yahoo account & it keeps me asking abt verification code ... so cant login ... i didnt mention alternate email in settings ... has any1 experienced this ??? bt can access mails through thunderbird ... how can i access it in browser ??? Thanx - - - Updated - - -...
  3. maverick786us

    iPhone 5s for 19900 INR

    I just heard that iPhone 5s is available for mere 19900 INR in big bazaar. Anyone experienced this, what is the catch?
  4. quicky008

    SMPS emits a strange buzzing noise when pc runs on battery backup-help needed.

    I have been using an APC back UPS ES 650 with my pc for the last couple of years.So far it has given me trouble free service and I've seldom experienced any issues with it.But of late I've observed that whenever there is a power outage and the PC runs on battery back-up then there's a strange...
  5. ©mß

    Micromax Canvas HD or 2 Plus or Other?

    I am thinking to buy Micromax HD or 2 Plus.Which one should I go for? Give your suggestions. How you have experienced or your friends experienced? For which should I go. Or should I buy other phone? If yes which one. Refer me.
  6. J

    led tv as monitor

    Samsung 22ES5000, can i use this tv for PC,will use it mainly for watching movies and browsing internet for 2-3 hours,will it have any eye burning issue,bcoz i experienced the same problem with philips 22PFL4556 :-(
  7. P

    How do you rate your Laptop & its Brand?

    When you are deciding to buy a new laptop,you are confused with numerous Brands with multiple configurations . Thinkdigit forum is one of the most active forums for helping people to decide what are their best options considering their budget.But with this popularity ,Buying decision posts...
  8. GhorMaanas

    1 long beep followed by 3 short beeps - Asus Motherboard

    Hello everyone! although i checked up on the net on this issue and have almost found the answer to it, but still would like to confirm this with members here. i have an Asus P8Z68 V-Pro motherboard. i tried to switch it ON y'day after many days, but it kept restarting for several times during...
  9. D

    C-DAC Training for experienced

    Hi All, I have doubt with regards to CDAC Training for experienced. Am a software employee having 5 years of experience. Am SCJP and SCWCD certified. Also preparing for SCBCD. I was interested in CDAC course. Especially in PG-Diploma in Advance Computing or PG-Diploma in Wireless and mobile...
  10. K

    EvoTV Smart TV Box

    EvoTV Smart TV Box? Does anyone here own the Evo TV Box, or ever experienced it?
  11. Flash

    My First COMPLETED video game

    First things are always special to us. This thread is about your "FIRST COMPLETED VIDEO GAME". (yes, you saw it right! only COMPLETED) (Though i played lots of games before that, i dint complete those fully). That was one of the happiest moment that i experienced. Surely many of us...
  12. R

    feature of Samsung 3D TV

    Being a workaholic, I work for late hours even at home. I am planning to buy a Samsung 3d TV so that I can look my presentations on it. I sincerely hope that it provides with a better web browsing facility and better Samsung App server. Has anyone experienced that feature of Samsung 3D TV?
  13. andro

    Dell laptop from USA?? OR some othe brand...

    As the title topic suggested I wanted to know about the warranty policy of Dell,do they honor warranty in India?If not will they at least service it with charges?? Basically I am concerned if something went wrong in HW will I be able to get it repaired. Please suggest some inputs and...
  14. Freedom.Forever

    experienced rightgadgets.in???

    has any one of you experienced shopping on rightgadgets.in? if yes please post reviews I am plannin' to buy a laptop.
  15. A

    How to Improve My Website ?

    I have recently started a site for latest mobile related news. Your Mobile Resource - Anything And Everything About Mobile now as I am new to this, need suggestion from experienced webmasters.
  16. comp@ddict

    COUNTDOWN to 2010

    Okay guys, it's just 6 days and 2 hours, and 15 minutes left for 2010...any experienced C++ programmer can code a program which displays the time too...
  17. A


    So these days I find it almost impossible to buy stuff from net without paypal. And I dont own a credit card either.bummer. So if someone is experienced with paypal and can transfer money to my paypal account (I will be transfering money via NEFT),It would be helpful
  18. aryayush

    Any tips for a new Labrador Retriever owner?

    Hello! :) I bought a 40-day-old Labrador Retriever yesterday. This is my first pet ever and I'm therefore not very experienced in this department. If any experienced dog owner has any tips to share, please enlighten me. What sort of things should comprise a vegetarian diet, for example...
  19. gaurav_indian

    Suggest a wacom tablet.

    Any experienced wacom tablet user here?Suggest a wacom tablet.Budget is around 6000-8000.:p
  20. A

    Temperaturez "-4c" in Saudi Arabia !!!

    Yo...Unbelievable, the temperature is steeping as low as -4c in a place like Saudi Arabia, considered to be stark desert n a hot location. it witnesses one of the highest temperatres in the world during summer season. n now the temp takes a jaw-dropping plunge! its the first time in such...
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