1. P

    want to make java mobile ebooks

    please help me to how to produce mobile ebooks in java or tell me how to edit the existing ebooks in java
  2. ComputerUser

    Overwriting XP

    I want to reinstall XP. Can I reinstall it without formatting the drive? Will the existing programs work with the new installation?
  3. gary4gar

    Building FAQ for repeated linux questions

    Hi all, I am bored by seeing & answering same queries over and over, so why not make a FAQ, out of existing answered questions. something like Ubuntuguide.org, but it will be bigger than this. what you guys say?
  4. The_Devil_Himself

    RIAD help

    I am planning to purchase a new hard disk and I was thinking of putting it in raid configuration with my existing hd.But I don't know much about RAID.My existing hd is WD 80gb sata 7200rpm.Do i need to buy hd with same capacity or company to enable raid?I was planning to buy a seagate 250gtb...
  5. M

    Windows Vista FAQ & Quick Start Guide

    View: [ Microsoft Technology Playground ] Please note, its not gospel and because of the variety of configurations out there some of the recommendations might not be applicable to your system. What is Windows Vista? Windows Vista is the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows client...
  6. D

    Is P4 3.0 Ghz better than Intel PD 2.8 Ghz 820 Processor?

    Planning to buy a Intel D102GGC2 motherboard with either a P4 3.0 Ghz cpu or the PD 2.8Ghz 820. Is it true that the PD 820 has heating problems? Which CPU is better in performance? Is it possible to mount the D102GGC in my existing ATX cabinet, the rear panel may not match the motherboard...
  7. ruturaj3

    MultiBoot VISTA & XP

    Hello guys, Can i install vista and xp on same hard disk. Will it cause any problem ? My friend told me if i install vista , my existing boot loader will get replced(he say vista have new boot loader) is it true ?
  8. saurabh.sauron

    Vista and GRUB

    I just installed Vista Home Basic. It removed my existing GRUB. I tried to restore it but is says that no kernel module was found and that no change will be made to existing boot loader configuration. I have XP, 2000 and now Vista. I used Ubuntu Live CD to figure out that my partition was hda8...
  9. anandk

    Xfire 1.69

    Xfire is the instant messenger for gamers. See when your friends are playing online games; See what game they are playing; See where they are playing; and join their game with just one click. Plus, unlike existing Instant Messengers, this one lets you receive IM's without disrupting your game...
  10. D

    can SP2 be installed over existing XP pro?

    A friend of mine here has a machine with XP Pro , which umm is not so legit. Now he has purchased a legitimate Winxp Pro , but does not want to make a clean install so as to retain the existing applications. Can SP2 version be installed over the existing XP OS? particularly when keys for the...
  11. B

    Tux Speaking local language

    I am planning to localise(malayalam) Gnome. But where do I find a driver for keyboard. Is it existing?
  12. grandexemplar

    Need help in upgrading to a SLI-solution.

    Hi Everybody, I'm relatively new to this forum. Basically, I’m from Delhi. About a month back my computer copped it. Now I am looking to upgrade my PC to a SLI-based solution. I use my computer for gaming and applications like Fruity Loops, Photoshop, etc. Now these are the components I’d...
  13. john_the_ultimate

    My PC Case modding......

    Hello............good to be back at the forum after a week. Now coming to the point............. I was looking for a "good looking" cabinet, but was not able to find anything of my choice. Actually selected a few but unfortunately they are not available in India. So thought of modding my...
  14. devaraj

    TCS to add 30,000 jobs

    Source: Reuters ----------------- Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) will spend Rs 1,300 crore on capital expenditure and add 30,000 new employees to its existing 60,000 workforce this year. TCS grew at 38% for the year and has projected a growth of 28-30% in ’06-07 in line with Nasscom estimates...
  15. S

    Unable to hiberinate & linux option missing in boot menu.plz plz help me

    Q1.while i was installin longhorn i cancelled windows file protection .on restart i OS crashed.i got black screen with error" cannot start windows as <windows>\system32\ntoskenl.exe is missing" such a messages appeared even bfore but at that time the files was hall.dll(& i repaired with os cd...
  16. adit_sen

    How to move to wordpress?

    hi... i presently blog at blogger.com, and want to shift to wordpress. but is there anyway i can move all existing posts from blogger to wordpress? thankx.. peace... aditya
  17. A

    External Ram??

    Is there any thing called external ram for laptops?? I have a zenith laptop with centrino 1.7gtz...and 256 mb ram..the vendor says that there is no slot for upgradation and the existing ram is fixed on the motherboard...can anyone help me with this
  18. R

    How can i make a high range remote/

    I just saw Home Alone3 and was thinking that the child could control the neighbours tv with his remote and that too from about 55 meters away .... how can this be .. how can i make a Remote with that much long range with my Existing tv remote :?:
  19. K

    Is there any such player??

    Hi, I wanted to know if there's any portable mp3 player which will use ur existing flash based pen drive to play songs. I mean that there are many players which has the storage and the mp3 decoding inbuilt in it. But is there any player which will use the existing flash drive to store songs...
  20. nishant_nms

    Sify reduces rates for broadband

    Sify has drastically reduced the tarrif rates and had introduced new features in existing plans like day uses in night unlimited on weekdays source http://www.sifybroadband.com/master_pricelist.php
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