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Windows Vista FAQ & Quick Start Guide

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Please note, its not gospel and because of the variety of configurations out there some of the recommendations might not be applicable to your system.

What is Windows Vista?

Windows Vista is the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows client operating system. Vista was in development for the past four to five years, it features vast improvements to the desktop including a graphically rich interface called Windows AERO, Instant Search capabilities, enhanced Security, Multimedia, 64-bit computing, improved deployment and tighter integration with the Web through new features such as Sidebar Gadgets and Really Simple Syndication (RSS). Included in Vista are new under the hood features such as Windows Presentation and Communication Foundations and the .NET Framework 3 for creating powerful, connected and more secure applications.

Should I upgrade to Windows Vista or do a clean install?

Upgrading to Windows Vista 32-bit requires that you replace your existing installation of Windows XP 32-bit by doing what is known as an “in place upgrade”. The installation process replaces Windows XP files and retains your existing applications, personal files and settings. Of course, this requires careful thought and planning.

1. Checking to make sure that all your installed applications and existing hardware devices are compatible.

2. Acquire any necessary updates that you might need to apply before upgrading to ensure your existing applications and hardware devices function after installing Windows Vista.

3. Ensuring that there is enough Disk space to store temporary files and the operating system in addition to your applications and files.

4. Enough memory to efficiently run the operating system and your applications.

5. Acceptable processor speed.

Choosing the right platform is also important; there are no upgrade paths from Windows XP Professional x64 to Vista x86 or x64 or Windows XP x86 to Vista x64. You cannot launch Vista x64 setup in Windows XP x86, if you do so, you will receive an "invalid Win32" error, you have to boot off the DVD. A clean install which involves formatting the drive, getting the right drivers and reinstall your applications, is always the best route, which guarantees a glitch less experience which in some cases can occur from upgrading.

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