1. N

    Need HDD Trays

    Guys I need hdd trays 3.5in for my Coolermaster HAF 932 case. The existing cases are damaged and I need 4 nos. quantity. Need to know if any available hdd tray is of a standard size so it can fit in the existing bays. Let me know of such available trays which can be bought online India. Size...
  2. D

    Suggest a 1~2TB hard disk

    i'm planning to replace my existing 8~9years old WD640GB and 500GB hard disks with a single 1 or 2TB hard disk. i'll be moving my existing game installations to the new disk. i already use a 2TB WD green for data storage purpose. also wondering if an SSD is will help gaming performance(as...
  3. rohitshakti2

    Upgrading budget PC

    I need help in upgrading my old PC. My budget and requirements are as follows: Budget: Rs.15,000/- for the PSU only Existing hardware setup: AMD Quad 635 Gigabyte 785 mobo Graphic card 8400 GS 1 TB HDD 7200 Seagate 4 GB 1600 mhz corsair ram Corsair 430 CX Power supply 21" Dell Monitor LG...
  4. topgear

    Reliance CDMA and 4G Migration Woes

    I'm from Reliance Kolkata CDMA Circle. CDMA service stopped on 24th May .. Now I've one ages old Reliance CDMA phone [ Nokia 2112 ] - 10 years and still kicking :D It has In built / Non removable SIM card or It's a Operator locked phone. Anyway, you can't put a sim card into this phone. Now...
  5. ajayritik

    Need help in moving stuff out of android to Iphone

    I recently got iPhone and would want my contacts and other apps data to be moved to my iPhone. 1.Firstly do I need to check if all my contacts from my android phone moved to google and then take back up and then import them to my Android? 2. I use some apps like Expense Manager, Any.Do is this...
  6. I

    Additional graphics card for Asus P8P67 Pro, i5200k CPU, Asus 560 Ti (1 GB)

    Hi, I currently have the following config (have been upgrading it piece wise over the last 3 years): I5 2500k Asus P8P67 Pro motherboard Gskill F3-12800 CI9S 4GB RL Ram (x 3) - 12 GB in total 1 TB – Western Digital Sata Hdd (Black) 2 TB - Western Digital Green 512 GB Adata SSD (SP900) -...
  7. swatkats

    ACT Fibernet Hyderabad offers yet another tremendous Speed & Data Bumps! [08-09-2015]

    Looks like all my prayers are now answered. Possibly due to similar plans from Airtel and BSNL. 40Mbps up to 100Gb, 3Mbps post fup for 1050 ;)
  8. lywyre

    [Request] Low power config

    I am making this slow, not an urgent requirement. Looking only for Motherboard + Processor. Rest, existing devices will be used. I am looking to make a low power consuming desktop for general use. Here is the Q&A: 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are...
  9. M

    Upgrading Existing Core I7 930 Rig - 30-40K

    Warning you may feel a bit nostalgic as I have some old components. I've an old i7 930 rig (not overclocked). I'm wondering what would be the best upgrades for this system that I can do under 30-40k budget? OR should I save up the molah until I have a better budget to revamp the complete rig...
  10. S

    IFTTT not working with Airtel? Need solution or alternative

    Hi, I am trying to set up a mechanism on my android phone so that if I get an sms of event detail, it will add it to my calendar. On searching the net, I found that originally Google had this facility in the US but it was discontinued. However, it appears that there are services like IFTTT...
  11. R

    Dish Recharge Confusion !

    I have a DISH HD STB reciever and a CRT TV. I will update the TV after 3-4 months but now I want to temporarily use with existing TV. I want to know Can I rehcarge a normal SD pack in my HD STB ?
  12. A

    budget speakers for my window 8 laptop hp-max Rs 1500-2000

    please suggest. just want to amplify my existing vol level-dont want speakers which start to crack at max volume
  13. G

    Will 300W PSU good for following Configuration

    Hi Folks, I am replacing my existing Motherbaord & Pentium P4 Processor with new GIGABYTE B75M-D3V motherboard and G2020 Processor, and I am planning to utililize my existing ATX Cabinet having 300 W PSU (from Mecrury). PC will be for a typical home use - Browsing, Video/Movie Play etc...
  14. windchimes

    Any Interactive Document Viewer ( like issuu.com)

    Hi guys, Is there any document viewer which can be purchased and allows existing power point presentations, charts and reports to be viewed on a website in a really interactive manner like in the site issuu.com [ flipping page, sharing option, zooming options, other rich interactive...
  15. ajayritik

    Need android app to back up SMS from Optimus to Note2 without replacing the existing SMS

    Guys I posted this couple of times infact more in the android thread but it didn't help. I have some SMS in my LG Optimus Net which I would want to move to my new Phone Galaxy Note 2. I don't want the existing SMS in Note 2 to be replaced when I move my older SMS. I tried with couple of apps...
  16. emailvarunchandak

    need to upgrade my existing computer

    hey guys... i need to upgrade my existing computer with a new motherboard (with USB 3.0, i3/i5/i7 compatibility, DDR3 Support,etc). my current config includes P5KPL-AM/PS motherboard, 2x2GB DDR2 667 Mhz RAM, ASUS nVidia GeForce EN210...... can any1 help me ? what else should I mention here...
  17. v.Na5h

    Write protect an existing partition on HDD

    Guys as the title says is there any way other than using the security tab/icacls/cacls or encryption etc to Write protect an existing partition on HDD... For eg i want my E: drive (which contains movies & mp3) to be read only ie files cannot be modified nor deleted even with administrator...
  18. ShankJ


    recently bought a hp pavillion dv4-5009tx laptop.. Can any existing user give me its review(GPU)..
  19. Charley

    Transfer Data From 2 GB Card to 16 GB Card on HTC Explorer

    How can I transfer data from existing memory card to the new one without losing any data ?
  20. quicky008

    Can i continue to use my existing windows 7 installation after upgrading my PC?

    I'm planning to upgrade my computer's CPU,motherboard and ram pretty soon.But the problem is,i installed windows 7 on my current pc a few months earlier and I do not want to reinstall it all over again after performing the necessary upgrades.Can i continue to use my existing windows 7...
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