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Unable to hiberinate & linux option missing in boot menu.plz plz help me

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Q1.while i was installin longhorn i cancelled windows file protection .on restart i OS crashed.i got black screen with error" cannot start windows as <windows>\system32\ntoskenl.exe is missing"
such a messages appeared even bfore but at that time the files was hall.dll(& i repaired with os cd that time)
i booted from XPSP2 CD but i didnt find repair option(that was the same CD i used bfore & dont know using recovery console).what can i do when such errors appear????????.(i tried safe mode ,last known etc nothing worked.all gave same error)

Q2.so i deleted existing windows & installed new one.now the ubuntu linux which is partition D is not shown in boot menu.the grub loader is not appearing at all.??????

Q3.(MOST IMP)when i tried to enable hiberination in power settings & clicked apply.it says the process cannot be accessed.the file is being used by another process.then i deleted the existing hiberination file.even then it shows same result.


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1. You an locate the ntoskrnl on the disc, decompress it and copy it to the System 32 folder using the Recovery Console (R). A repair funtion appears at the install screen, not the pre-install. (better keep a backup on the HDD itself)

2. Your MBR has been replaced by Windows, so GRUB loader was removed, I think the disc has a recovery tool, not sure.
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