1. T

    installing winxp on win98. Any problems to existing data..?

    hello all, I would like to install windowsXP in a machine currently running on win98. The file system is FAT32. Suppose I install winXP on a partition other than where win98 resides, is there any possibility that any of the existing data and programs will be lost...? thomaskprakash
  2. S

    Does ur BSNL DataOne modem(type I) has USB port?

    hello friends :D today i registered for bsnl dataone line (home 500) .I want to ask u that bsnl states on site that type 1 modem contains a LAN and a USB port, is it true? i think i've seen many posts asking bout modem,so i want to know from existing DataOne users that do i need to buy...
  3. S

    Memory Upgrade in SE K500i

    Hello Everyone! :) I have a SE K500i. This phone has only 12MB Memory. :?: Is it possible to Increase the memory in K500i. Can I put Memory card or more capacity in the same slot. I mean can i replace existing one. or Can i put another card with existing one. Pls tell me. Thanx
  4. tuxfan

    How is Linspire?

    I am using Mandrake 10.1 (or shall I say Mandriva now ;)) and PCQ Linux on different machines. Recently Digit gave Linspire on DVD. How is it? Shall I replace one of the existing distros with this one? I have heard it is one of the most user friendly distro. Can any one please tell me more...
  5. Charley

    Queries regdg Word 2000 option tweaking

    I have a document file wth individual words in it. I want to add those with the existing dictionary in word 2000. how do do it, so when i chck for grammar those words also will be there.... :?:
  6. D

    [ Internet Explorer ] Users / Fans -> Click here!

    So, you are an IE fan eh? I bet that one of the reasons why you didn't already shift to Firefox (or Opera) is that you are too used to IE- The looks, feel, the way it works, etc. OR, you did shift, but you still miss good ol' IE? Lets have a look at your oh-so-beloved IE: Normal, isnt...
  7. P

    In 2000 domain clint loging errer..???

    Dear friends I format my server and creat new domanin with new name..!! now from clint Pc with win 2000 Pro i get this errer..!! so what i have to do for remove this errer..!! Help..>!@!
  8. alib_i


    Hi guys ... I want to know what softwares you use to store bookmarks. I have around 80-90 bookmarks which i need to ensure they dont get lost 'cos of a virus attack or other windows malfunction. I tried different softwares for this. I am looking for a software which can: 1. store...
  9. T

    nav problems in 98

    in a machine of my friends, some idiot made a faulty installaion of nav and now it does not give any option for uninstalling.i cant uininstall it from the 'add-remove programs'. neither does it function, as there is no exe file. I've tried to remove it by deleting the entrry from the registry...
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