1. iMav

    MS Win Srvr 08 launch event (mumbai) - Live updates

    Ok guys im here at the location got my reg. done, posting frm my cell (no lappies allowed) so a sms lingo will b used. Event starts at 10 am i reachd 2 n a half hr b4 something ppl who know me prsnally wont accept but i don hv 2 bothr abt tht, so do look at this thread 4 updates and yeah...
  2. saurabh kakkar

    Register and Come to Open Source India Week Summit

    Goals for OSIW 2008 *www.osiweek.com/goal.php Home Page : *www.osiweek.com/index.php What, When, Where? *www.osiweek.com/p2.php Registration Zone :*www.osiweek.com/users/delegatetemp.php Regards Saurabh kakkar
  3. jamesbond007

    Unable to shutdown

    My friend has LG R400 Laptop with Vista Home Premium installed. He is now learning SAP so he removed Vista and installed Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition. Now he is facing shutdown problems. I have disabled Shutdown Event Tracker but still the problem persists. Now after disabling event...
  4. Vishal Gupta

    Delhi Bloggers Meet on 12th January 2008

    Hi guys Many of us blog! Many of us want to blog! There is a group in Delhi called “Delhi Bloggers” (www.delhibloggers.in), they are having a meet on Jan 12 from 12:30 pm – 6:00 pm and there is a lot of opportunity to collaborate and learn. So, I would invite you to attend this...
  5. anandk

    How to find out the meaning of an Error Message or Error Code.

    Microsoft has prepared a wizard which takes you through three key steps, to finding an error message or error code using the Microsoft Support Website. Worth bookmarking ! Alternatively this interactive Microsoft Site on how to out any information on error codes from the 'Event Viewer' is...
  6. F

    Mumbai deluge

    I havent been to the city many times, but i think it is a unique city. It has a unique periodical spectacle! Come july and you will find mumbai underwater. Its on the news, the annual event has started I think the tourism industry can cash in on this, they can have tours for foreigners to see...
  7. K

    MS Announces 'TechMela 2007' in Mumbai

    Microsoft India has announced the dates for its Technology Event, TechMela 2007, in Mumbai. The event will span over four days, from June 13-16 2007 at Renaissance, Powai. TechMela is an evolution of the erstwhile TechEd, Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference (MEDC), IndiMIX and IT...
  8. anandk

    NOD32 Launches Beta Program for Integrated Security Suite

    This new product from ESET incorporates the next version of the NOD32 anti-malware engine with a personal firewall and anti-spam filter. The Public Beta 1 is now available for download. Beta versions are not production versions and may be unstable. Do not install them on any computer which...
  9. prasad_den

    Softwares for Quizmasters..??

    Does anyone know of a good application that can help a quiz master make stunning quiz presentations..?? I need it to conduct an inter college quiz competition.. so I'm looking at something beyond MS Powerpoint. Any ideas...??? :D I think I should mention my requirements in some detail... 1...
  10. T

    DOTA competition in PUNE

    Sinhgad College Of Engineering,Pune is organizing TECHTALK 07 on 16-18 FEB. There is a DOTA competition under the GAMING event. PRIZES WORTH 75000 for the gaming event only. For further details visit our forum: *techtalk.forumco.com or visit our official website...
  11. T

    Doble list in html form

    Hi guys!! I have made a simple registration form in html. In the form i have a double list just like simple country - city funda that most of you are aware of. Those double list are used for event category & event name What i want to know is it possible that i can made a link or something...
  12. anandk

    Finally : Vista release on 29th Jan !

    Microsoft will officially launch Windows Vista and Office 2007 for consumers at a special event in Times Square in New York City on January 29 called "Wow Starts Now." At the event, Microsoft and its partners will promote Vista, Office 2007, and related products...
  13. N

    A weird problem in WinXP

    Hi, Am using WinXP Pro SP2. I have a weird problem. My computer just just shuts down and restarts at times several times and at imes eventually shuts down. No errors messages apear before the reboot. The info in Event Viewer log is as under : Event Type: Error Event Source...
  14. N

    Help me understand Event Viewer and Resolve issue

    Am using WinXP Pro SP2. Require help to understand Event Manager and resolve the issue. Atleast once a day my system shuts down with message : This system is shuting down. Please save all work........ The shutdown was initiated by NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM.Message : Windows must now restart...
  15. the deconstructionist

    Which team would you support and why?

    AS the football world cup is once in a four year event, and unfortunately our team is not there in Germany. Which team would you support and why?
  16. fnatic@play

    Help needed wit setting up a lan for a gaming event.

    Hey guys.. I need good amts o help wit networking systems for a gaming event. I need like 25 PCs connected... atleast 11 on a single network... (CS) okai.. forget the numbers.... but i need to have a lag free network EVEN if all these systems are running. Wat / should i get a to setup a...
  17. G

    Game Making - NewBie

    It has been over a hear since I downloaded this amazing piece of software called GAME MAKER www.gamemaker.nl. ALthough I have moved to 3d programming but newbie would like to get your hands dirty on this 2d developer. (Sorry if I am bad at English) It would help to choose the simple mode...
  18. K

    Viper's Lair ** RELIANCE GAMING EVENT IN DELHI** on 23rd Feb

    VIPER'S LAIR Multi location gaming Event Organised by students of MSIT........ Come and Be a part of it... if u r hardcore gamer :twisted: For rules and regulations check out *www.virus2k6.com/viperslair.html eNJOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  19. dhawald

    winxp event viewer problem

    i have winxp sp2 installed the system events in the event viewer somehow have stopped it says the event log service was stopped but the application events in the event viewer are running(are being updated). how do i start the system events logging again.
  20. Raaabo

    SKOAR! 2005 - The Ultimate Gaming Expo!

    When: 23-24 December, 2005 Where: MMRDA grounds, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bombay This is an expo that will bring together all the players in the gaming industry under one roof to showcase their wares and technologies to the public. Because game publishers have almost no presence here, this...
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