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Mumbai deluge

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I havent been to the city many times, but i think it is a unique city. It has a unique periodical spectacle! Come july and you will find mumbai underwater.
Its on the news, the annual event has started
I think the tourism industry can cash in on this, they can have tours for foreigners to see the regular event which occurs without fail year

We all know what it is due to, but let us keep it to ourselves now and just muse over another wonder in india


i've heard from my friend in mumbai that these things happen mainly because the drains are clogged by the slum dwellers living there..

he said that before the rains come the slum dwellers clog the drains and when the city gets underwater , they make a lot of money by offering to push the cars / any other vehicles that get stuck up on the road .

is all that true ??? :eek:

~Lil JinX~

*Basket Case*
Erm...I may be wrong, but that just sounds stupid to me. o_O

If the drains are clogged, its because of the pathetic amount of garbage the city produces, and the even more pathetic system of disposing of it.
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