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Finally : Vista release on 29th Jan !

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Microsoft will officially launch Windows Vista and Office 2007 for consumers at a special event in Times Square in New York City on January 29 called "Wow Starts Now." At the event, Microsoft and its partners will promote Vista, Office 2007, and related products...


Vista arrived a WHOLE DAY earlier !!!
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prices in India :

vista home basic - 8450/-
vista home premium - 10050/-
vista business - 12500/-
vista ultimate - 16700/-

ms is xpctd to cease support to winxp/sp2 by around 2010.


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I was expecting it to be around Rs. 25000! So, kinda low priced to my expectation. But, I won't wish to upgrade now as, most of the programs/ games won't work on it and, the price shoudl fall considerably by the time I get most compatibility!


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prashantban said:
IS There Any Difference In The Beta Version , The Rc1 Version And , The Home Version

Beta means a testing version, under development, where new features are being added and not all the features are completely coded.

RC means Release Candidate. It means that the product is feature complete, but needs to be tested for bugs and garbage code. Optimizations take place based on feedback.

Home versions is just one of the versions of the RTM product i.e Final Version.

Do not even consider using the beta or RC versions as they are going to be heavily bugged.


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yeh, Anand whole day earlier. First time for Vista. We were sed to hear te word delayed with Vista.
Thanks for pricing info anand
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I heard Vista is containing lot of limitations for end users,like DRM(digital restrictions management) so will I be able to play my MP3's(if ever i buy a Vista License):confused::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Lines of code embedded in new the OS will allow Microsoft to peer into each and every computer so that machines with pirated versions of WV and other licensed software can be blitzed automatically. In other words all data inside a computer with WV installed is liable to be dissected for examination by techno-snoops in the US and other sites where Microsoft has its servers.

While the impact of WV technology on the privacy of the ordinary computer user is still being debated, the portents are more ominous for government establishments.
At present nearly all computers in Central government offices including those in the Defence and Home ministries have Windows installed in them. Not all of them are licensed either! Should these be upgraded to Windows Vista, every single byte of data flitting through wires of the Indian establishment would be rendered vulnerable.


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@anandk .......... thanx 4 the pricelist ......... bt prices 2 high ......... & my pc not compatible 2 VISTA ........ hence no use 4 me NOW ...........

bt how much was original XP ? just wanna compare 2 OS`s .......
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