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Help needed wit setting up a lan for a gaming event.

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Broken In
Hey guys..

I need good amts o help wit networking systems for a gaming event. I need like 25 PCs connected... atleast 11 on a single network... (CS) okai.. forget the numbers.... but i need to have a lag free network EVEN if all these systems are running.

Wat / should i get a to setup a gigabit network? hehe.. yeah.. wud like to setup a real fast n/w ....

I have no idea abt the hardware requirements... so I need ALL the info i can get.

the hardware? the cables - anything special? the system configuration? anythin else tat i should know?
I need to order for the hardware.. yeah.. sponsored ... ... so before i can talk to them.. i should know wat i need.

thanks a ton in advance.
: ) > -

P.S - this is coll event.. want to make it really awesome! my last year in coll.. so wanna leave it wit some real fun! ;)


Cyborg Agent
what you need -
1- 24 Port Switch
1- 8 port switch
26 - Straight crimped CAT5e Cables according to lengths from switch to PC.

1 - Cat5e from 24 port -8 port switch.

then define IP address for the LAN cards from -

keep subnet mask for all

Change computer description of each PC.
say "PC 1 to PC 26"

Keep workgroup for all PCs common,say "LAN"

This is all you need to do_Ofcourse this is very basic ,but then i am a bit lazy to explain in detail...lol
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