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Which team would you support and why?

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I really dont watch football much.. I wud support england :D how can we forget the amazing half ground goal ( or wateva that is called ) from ronaldinho :shock:


Brazil ~ Only they are the sole possessors of ginga in everything they do. This allows them to joga bonito. One can never be bored while watching Brazil play!

England ~ For being an EPL nut and hearing about Lampard, Gerrard, Cole, Rooney, Crouch, Ferdinand & Co. - day in and day out! Their pace of football is unmatched!


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Brazil !
You cannot Talk soccer and not mention Brazil. Most favourite side in world and most supported.
Look at the Squad. Cafu ,Roberto Carlos ,Ronaldinho,Ronaldo,Kaka. Man ! what are we talking here ! These are almost demi-gods of Soccer!( Dont call eh' football)
No wonder , not only it has FIFIA no 1 Ranking , but most teams think they will have to face it out with Brazil in the finals clearing stating who's it gonna be!


I support good football..... :eek: :eek: :eek:...
I will like to see tough football play frm all teams and some upsets also..after all its fun to watch a so said weak team beating a highly rated team....remember senegal VS france ;)
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