1. H

    Want some help for event which I am hosting in my college.

    Hey there all, I am 2nd year engineering student. As you all are aware that there are tech-fests organized by colleges every year. So, My college is also. I am from ADIT, Gujarat. I am also going to organize one contest or event during the tech-fest. My contest is similer to the Crack the...
  2. Anorion

    Global Coral Bleaching Event

    Scientists say a dramatic worldwide coral bleaching event is now underway - The Washington Post
  3. G

    West Bengal - Cleric’s ‘fatwa’ cancels women’s football match

    Cleric?s ?fatwa? cancels women?s football match - The Times of India So true! Meanwhile mamta didi has increased the budget of madarsa education department from 472 to 1737 crore this year.
  4. Desmond

    PC hard resets on running graphic intensive software and games.

    My PC started having this problem recently. Whenever run any game or benchmark tool, my PC hard resets, i.e. completely poweroffs and then restarts after about 2 seconds. No BSOD and nothing in the event log. The only error in the event log corresponding this the reset is a Kernel Power event...
  5. Dangerous Dave

    OnePlus One Launch Event

    OnePlus One launch event is scheduled on 2nd December 2014 in New Delhi. Anyone in Digit who got invitation to attend the event. I got invitation :-) . I am very excited to meet you if you are coming. The link for invitation is in attachment below.
  6. rhyansy

    Fnatic and MSI Promotional Event

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyL0NHbzTZ4 MSI is pleased to invite Patrik from Fnatic to unbox GE60 with us! Now you have chance to win a Steam wallet card $50 and 3 Steelseries Qck mass mousepad after watching the video! Just simply follow the steps below: 1. Reply this post with one of...
  7. S

    IFTTT not working with Airtel? Need solution or alternative

    Hi, I am trying to set up a mechanism on my android phone so that if I get an sms of event detail, it will add it to my calendar. On searching the net, I found that originally Google had this facility in the US but it was discontinued. However, it appears that there are services like IFTTT...
  8. M

    Repeated BSOD win 7 ultimate 64bit

    hi all I have a Win7 x64 Ultimate working on the following hardware : Processor : Core i5 2310 Motherboard : Intel DH61WW Ram : Corsair Value Select 4 GB PSU : Corsair VS450 HDD : WD 1TB Green a PCI Realtek Network Card (since the onboard network port gave up one year back) Optical Drive ...
  9. small_yet_big

    Sudden Shutdown of System without notice

    Hello, First of all i am sorry if i have posted it in the wrong section. Admin can move it to the correct one. My system is shutting down by itself without any reasons. I checked in Event Viewer and it is showing Critical in Kernal Power. Source: Kernel power Event ID: 41 Level : Critical...
  10. Desmond

    Woman who attended Rahul event burnt to death by husband

    Source : Assam woman who attended Rahul event burnt to death by husband : India, News - India Today PS: I am dead serious, that's his name.
  11. B

    LAN-G "The LAN Gaming Event" & GAiMcode "The Coding Event"

    Hello Members! Everyone is invited at For more info: LAN-G "The Gaming Event" Dec`13 Amritsar Edition For more info: GAiMcode "The Coding Event" Dec`13 Amritsar Edition SHARE & INVITE your friends into these events. Thanks!!
  12. P

    Bsod with event id 6008

    hi, im getting bsod error like clock inturrpt. when i later investigated in event viewer the error is having event id 6008. when i googled it , i came to know it is due to lack of drivers or due to over clocking. But i didnt over locked on any time and my hard ware drivers also up to date...
  13. srkmish

    Apple Event Live Blog/Streaming Oct 22

    AnandTech | Apple Event (October 2013) - Live Blog Apple - Apple Events - Special Event October 2013 Well be seeing Ipad 5, ipad mini 2 , New ipods, New mbp and new Imac :D . The event will start at ~ 10:30 PM IST
  14. S

    Need ideas for a contest to judge leadership skills

    hi, i am a 2nd year MBA student. our college is having an event called Netritva, which will judge the leadership skills and overall personality of the participants. same event last year had 3 rounds - the first one has a question paper with witty questions of which the participants were required...
  15. S

    New Xbox To Be Revealed In Two Events, Starting Today at 10:30pm IST ( 10am PDT )

    New Xbox To Be Revealed In Two Events, First on 21st May and then at E3 Finally!! The launch is over. The Xbox One has been revealed!!! The second part of the launch is going to be held at E3. Enjoy. The below link is the official Xbox one page with the video of the unveiling and other...
  16. ITTechPerson

    broadband by cable operator - login application not working

    Myself is using a broadband service provided by local cable operator at Siliguri (Cyberoamclient). log in application is not working everyday when I try to run it for the 1st time. If I connect a data card to my laptop, the application runs !!! I have checked in task manager - if I set...
  17. B

    And not its Citibank - One day sales event! Crazy!

    And not its Citibank - One day sales event! Crazy! I can't believe ipad 3 selling for 20k in this one day sale by citibank! Indian ecommerce market is going crazy I guess :) Check out the one day event here Citibank Mega Sale Today Only 12-Dec-2012 for Citibank Customers! Its ON!!
  18. B

    Google online shopping event gosf.in

    I learned about the google online shopping event coming up on 12-12-12 interestingly there are all major stores participating and a the event is gaining a lot of buzz! Let see what it stores! Source -...
  19. Ankit Omar

    Home Electronic Show in Delhi

    Great news for technology lovers and tech savvy guys like, it’s time to have a close look on new gadgets and upcoming technology in other home electronic products. Home Electronic Show (HES) is almost about to begin, it will be held on October 26, 27 & 28, 2012 in New Delhi, India. Hopefully...
  20. 101gamzer

    GTX 680 4-Way SLI Smashed World Record!!

    The New New 3DMark11 Record Goes to.......... :clap2:Indonesian PC gamer tops the chart with his 4-way SLI GTX680 setup.:hyper: Hazzan, an Indonesian PC enthusiast, has broken the record of the world’s most overclocked graphics card setup. Using 3DMark 11 as the benchmark, Hazzan’s 4-way SLI...
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