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SKOAR! 2005 - The Ultimate Gaming Expo!

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When: 23-24 December, 2005

Where: MMRDA grounds, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bombay

This is an expo that will bring together all the players in the gaming industry under one roof to showcase their wares and technologies to the public. Because game publishers have almost no presence here, this event will focus more on the hardware part of gaming, although efforts are on to make EA, Vivendi, Microsoft etc, launch some of their big releases at the venue.

Apart from this, users can get a hands-on feel of gaming across all platforms, with mini-tournaments and plenty of freebies. Here are the proposed zones:

PC - 10 high-end PCs playing UT2004, etc on a LAN.

PS2 - Several consoles offering both single and multiplayer games.

Xbox - Ditto

Big-screen - 3 30-foot screens, each connected to a PC, PS2, and Xbox. The consoles will have Burnout: Revenge running on them, while a game for the PC has yet to be decided (Suggestions?)

Handheld - Showcasing the multiplayer capabilities of the N-Gage, and if we're lucky, maybe even the PSP.

Laptop - Multiplayer games on laptops.

Arcade - The kind of games you see in malls and multiplexes. Very small learning curves, lots of fun.

We also plan to have the following sections:

What The Frag! - A LAN Party - This will be a Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) LAN party for 25-50 computers. Registrations should begin shortly.

Centre Stage - A stage to be used for product launces, side shows, rock concerts, etc. We also plan to invite Indian game developers to show a preview of their upcoming projects and field questions from the audience.

That's about it. Details of the participants are sketchy at this stage, but I'll keep you updated as an when weget more companies on board.

Please note that the information given above is jsut an indication of the final event and is subject to change.

And finally, FYI, r.a.g.e is conducting its annual game awards (this is the 2nd year) followed by a 2-day expo, from 25-27 November. I may be wrong by a day or so. This event will be held at the Nehru Centre, Worli, Bombay.

See you at SKOAR! 2005!

If I don't see all the regular posters in this Gamers section there I'll throw a fit!!!


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Intresting . i want to be there , but for that i'll have to come to bombay . hmmm lets see....


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man why bombay is prefered first why not chandigarh or mohali . it seems like jasubhaui digital media is shticked to thier natrive city.this is called PARTIALITRTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I'll be there raaabo provided if i am not out of mumbai :D
Raaabo said:
Big-screen - 3 30-foot screens, each connected to a PC, PS2, and Xbox. The consoles will have Burnout: Revenge running on them, while a game for the PC has yet to be decided (Suggestions?)
I suggest getting NFS: MW since it will release way before the event. Another suggestion would be Quake 4. :D


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For Pc, Choose F.E.A.R. , Quake 4, UT2004 Demo, CS Any version, i recommend Counter Strike: Condition Zero!


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i will second blade_runner 's suggestion that Need For Speed : Most Wanted be included for PC since car games have an easier learning curve and can be enjoyed by everyone...

for those unlucky souls who cant attend the EXPO, you could keep an a constantly updated thread on the board or better still, a streaming video somewhere on the site....

wish you all the luck Raaabo :D


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Hey all the BEST Raabo :) :) all the DIGIT fans from MUMBAI and also from other cities (if at all possible)...will gather in at MMRDA grounds..for this ONE-OF-A-KIND GAMING EXPO..

Atlast we can see sum really cool and latest games and stuff wich till now was only possible for us to see it on GAMER.TV

Even thou we are jus a small bunch of gaming enthusiasts (as compared to the bigger Chinese and European markets) and this Expo is still in its baby steps...we will and we can make a huge impact on the gaming scene with such Exibitions and can force other big countries like China and US to launch their games in INDIA as well with help of an ANNUAL GAMING EXPO or to say A.G.E.....(hope users will like the name) :wink: :wink:

Cheers n e-peace...


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We gamerz had been waiting for something like this to happen in a long time. Most of us from the SKOAR! forums will surely be going to make it to Mumbai. This will be awesome!


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hey next time plz put the dates in month of feb or Aug
as nither school students nor college one will be busy that time.............. as for now I will be having my university exams n think many of us will be having them 2.


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finally sumthing good but the gud thing is i mite be in mumbai so yippeeee!all the best raaabbo!


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Skoar dont worth so many bucks

Hi ,
All people her but dont u have any brains download latest scoar by the edonkey networks its free. :twisted:
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