1. K

    Event Management

    Are there any institutes providing post graduation course in event management?
  2. M

    Apple Ipad event!

    I think launch date for iPad 3 has been announced as March 7. Check Here: Apple-sends-out-invites-for-march-7-ipad-event
  3. gagan007

    PC Restart - No Overheating

    Hi- I am facing a strange issue ever since I have purchased a new PC (well not exactly after that but after installing VMWare). The specifications of my PC are as follows: What I have done till now is: Removed graphics card and run PC. It restarts again and again. Removed and fit both RAM...
  4. D

    Pirate Jolly Roger Designing Event for Conquer Online

    My favorite game, Conquer Online‘s new expansion & new class pirate were launched! I’ve been playing this game for several years still feel so excited about the new class. I have been playing for a while. And I will share you an awesome video first: Conquer Online Invasion Of Pirates...
  5. N

    Next iPhone

    It's the day of the iPhone jagraata, Jai Mata Di! Watch Apple event live at 10PM IST today. Vertex
  6. S

    Robotix 2012: Where Machines Dare!

    Technology Robotix Society brings to you ROBOTIX 2012, the biggest robotics competition in South-East Asia, to be held during 27 - 30 January 2012 as part of Kshitij, the annual Techno-Management Fest of IIT Kharagpur. From the sheer excitement of controlling a manual bot to the amazement of...
  7. O

    # Official iPhone 5 event confirmed!

    Hi iFans,..........this is for UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! " Apple on Tuesday officially announced its iPhone 5 launch event. According to the invitation received by The Loop, the event will be held on October 4 at Apple’s Cupertino, Calif. campus. The event will begin at 10:00 am PT "...
  8. avichandana20000

    Logitech g110 macro qn

    Logitech g110 macro qn/LED PROBLEM I have created macros in G2,G3,G4. EVENT1: IN G2, keystrokes assigned for opening OVI SUIT.(NEW MACRO 1) after it opens then EVENT 2: I press G3,where KEYSTOKES assigned for opening "connect to internet". (NEW MACRO). After connection gets...
  9. @

    The RE FREE Books Festival !!

    Most of you already know about my forum, started 4 months ago. Now I have organized an event with help of few authors, where books will be given next 20 days for free. Half of the books are sponsored by authors :D Currently there are 5 writers contests are there & two more will be added soon...
  10. sukesh1090

    system crash problem

    guys my system crashed thrice today while playing songs.it just gives BSOD.when i checked the event viewer it just mention something about kernel memory. here is the analysis of my bsod by a website Configuration - - Ma-Config.com and here is pic of event viewer
  11. Harivel

    Facebook-In-Browser Video Chat-Next Weak

    Facebook Will Launch In-Browser Video Chat Next Week In Partnership With Skype...;-) This is gonna be the awesome of the next weak Event...:!: See Here!! ____________________ Antivirus's r Illusions :-D;-)
  12. Prime_Coder

    UBUNTU Open Week 2011: May 2nd - May 6th

    Canonical announced that the Ubuntu Open Week event for Natty Narwhal (Ubuntu 11.04) will take place between 2nd to 5th May, 2011. The Ubuntu Open Week event is targeted at teaching the end users to work with the tools included in the Ubuntu operating system...
  13. A

    PC Crashes

    Hi My pc just crashes twice today no BSOD's when checked in EVENT viewer getting error Error 6008 The previous system shutdown at 11:29:00 AM on ‎3/‎19/‎2011 was unexpected. Event 41 Kernal Power The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if...
  14. sukesh1090

    system crash problem

    today i tried to uninstall opera 11 but every time when i click uninstall option my system crashed and then i uninstalled it from safe mode.can any one please tell me why it happened? the pic of event log-
  15. M

    Guide me to Manage an Event

    Folks, well as i am having an office in a City Centre Shopping Mall, i wish to try event management with a compier(female). pls guide me by sharing from your kwnolodge about its A to Z waiting lovingly mobileman
  16. reddead

    iPad 2 Event on March 2 Confirmed

    Apple will be holding an event on March 2. According to the invite received by Engadget, the event will be regarding the iPad and we know what that means; Apple will be unveiling the second generation model of the iPad. From all the rumors that have heard so far, the second generation model...
  17. The Sorcerer

    Event Coverage: Asus India's ROG Tournament 2 (Mumbai)- Day 1

    Asus India did setup an Mumbai-only ROG gaming event. It didn't catch my attention because I was under the impression What actually caught my attention was the second event: Major brand names- Asus, Nvidia, Kingston, Roccat- tied up with DSK and GameSpace Lan centre in Andheri West...
  18. Rahim

    First KDE Conference in India

    conf.KDE.in: First KDE Conference in India Shantanu Tushar The Indian KDE community will organize its first conference at Bengaluru in March 2011. The 5 day event will bring together KDE contributors, Qt developers, users and FOSS enthusiasts. We realise that there are not many KDE/Qt...
  19. K

    Robotix 2011 @ iit kharagpur

    Technology Robotix Society invites all robot enthusiasts to ROBOTIX 2011. Robotix is Asia's largest college level robotics fest held in IIT Kharagpur during its techno-management fest Kshitij from 28th-31st Jan 2011. Robotix 2010 was a success with a participation from over 450 teams with over...
  20. S

    Free Webinar - Selling your applications

    Hey you know what I came across this Free Event (Webinar) to know how you can Monetize your Apps. through the Intel® Atom™ Developer Program. It's about a platform to know more about the program that will not only give you the exposure to build your apps. but also the tools for the same. Click...
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