laptop usb2.0 not working as per the rated speed.

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Cyborg Agent
Dont know what happened but seems that during last few windows update the USB2.0 ports had issues & are not working optimally on XP1+ updated SP2.
2 ports don't connect the devices or give errors, other 2 ports working but very slow data transfer, surely not usb 2.0 speeds.

I am thinking to format it at use a slip streamed CD with sp2 instead of my original.

Any other way I can get the usb 2.0 speeds back & all port working without errors, I was thinking I uninstall all usb devices & let XP detect them again, can that solve the problem?


Wire muncher!
can you boot into some Linux Live CD and check the usb port working/speed from there? that help you determine whether its a H/W or a S/W problem.
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