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I want to make a copy of a Video DVD.

I used Nero Burning ROM to copy, by using "COPY DVD" feature.
In options, I selected "Video DVD", with "Ignore Read Errors", but I CAN'T copy, there comes hundereds of "Unrecoverable Read Errors".

I also tried it to copy the DVD to my Harddisk, but there comes an error "MS-DOS Invalid Function".

How can I copy that Video DVD?


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try Alcohol * it can copy scratched disks but it will not recover the data in bad sectors


Yeah try ripping it with sum gud software.

If its scratched like hell then ur in trouble.

sorry emailaatif786 for replying so late
dvdisaster was in march 2007 cd....well u shd install digit archieve if u r a subscriber will really help u out in searching for content....and try dvdisaster is best among freewares
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