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  1. Cyberghost


    RIDE FAST EXPLORE MORE Ride a massive open world of the Alps and Alaska, where the powder is always fresh and the run never ends.Defy and master the world’s most epic mountains on skis, wingsuit, snowboard, and in paraglide. Go solo or drop in side by side with other players. Record and share...
  2. Davidboon

    Epic Games Forums Hacked, Hackers gain access to Username, Email id’s, Passwords and more

    Important Message From Epic Games July 14, 2015 Dear Epic Games Forum Member, We have just discovered that the Epic Games forums located at https://forums.epicgames.com were compromised by a hacker. We are sorry to report that the incident may have resulted in unauthorized access to your...
  3. izzikio_rage

    Tapatalk issues with the new forum : An epic tale; now with an epic end

    Hi everyone Let me tell you a story about a guy who used his mobile to browse the thinkdigit forums. It was a happy relationship with tapatalk bringing the forum to his fingertips no matter where he went. A few minutes to spare in the metro, let's see if my question got any responses...
  4. Desmond

    The next Unreal Tournament to be released free.

    How awesome it that? Source : http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/05/08/new-unreal-tournament-game-will-be-free-developed-by-epic-and-ut-community/
  5. arnabbiswasalsodeep

    LG L90 Dual D410 epic lol

    Update Links are not valid now I am interested in LG L90 and found that the dual's name is D410 When I googled only about the number without L90 i got an epic lol moment In 14th December 2013 a performance was leaked for D410 which all sites thought as LG G2 mini (same specs but different model...
  6. dude1

    MAHABHARAT star plus tv show..

    Guyz we all know that this show has started since 16 sep 2013. This show is, claimed by its makers,to be the most expensive tv show ever made on Indian tv(with a budget going north of a billion INR:shock:).The show has gained positive reviews and praises from the likes of Mahesh Bhatt and...
  7. avinandan012

    Planetside 2

    Anyone playing this? no one playing? This is a epic game. I cant believe they made it free to play.
  8. Desmond

    Mozilla and Epic bring Unreal Engine to the browser

    Source : Mozilla and Epic bring Unreal Engine to the browser | bit-tech.net Check out the actual demo here : Epic Citadel More similar demos of Game engines ported to HTML5/JS https://github.com/kripken/emscripten/wiki#games-and-game-engines
  9. J

    Is razer naga epic that bad?

    Hello I am going to buy a mouse and decided to buy razer naga epic. But i heard a lot of reviews out there regarding it shows problems within a month. Please tell, is this mouse really that bad? I like it's looks. Any other mouse with similar looks? I know most of you will tell me to go with...
  10. J

    ssd or mouse?

    Hello I decided to purchase a new thing big confused between mouse and ssd. I want to buy razer naga epic as mouse and Samsung 840 pro 120gb as ssd. I have budget to only buy one. Although my cheap Microsoft mouse works perfectly fine but i hate its looks. Also, i want to have a wireless...
  11. Sujeet

    Mercenary Ops:Epic Goes PC Happy!!

    Finaly Epic China is working on an PC excluisve third Person action shooter On-the-line Of Ultimate Gears Of War.!!! Former Splinter Cell Devs are working on this new Unreal Engine based PC Shooter. Check out Cover By IGN: Mercenary Ops Definitely Feels Like an Epic Game - PC Preview at...
  12. Jaskanwar Singh

    Epic CPU battles of history: Athlon FX-55, Pentium 4 EE, FX-8150 si Core i7 3960X

    Epic CPU battles of history: Athlon FX-55, Pentium 4 EE, FX-8150 si Core i7 3960X | lab501 (less seconds - better) what can get more disasterous than this :P
  13. Omi

    6950 VS 560Ti- EPIC BATTLE

    RULES 1. Talk by figures 2. This Thread is for SETTLING the issue so BENCHMARKS, SHEER PERFORMANCE AND PERFORMANCE/INR will speak 3. Indulge in fanboyism as much as you can in the end it will be worthless for your pocket 4. The Article Tom's Graphics Card Guide: 32 Mid-Range Cards...

    Gameloft to Use Unreal Engine 3 in Future Games

    Gameloft just announced that they have made a long term, multi-platform licensing agreement with Epic Games, Inc for the Unreal Engine 3. Julien Fourniais, Vice President of Production at Gameloft had this to say: Source
  15. M

    EPIC Indian Web Browser

    EPIC Indian Web Browser Epic Browser
  16. gagan007

    Epic Browser - For India - Powered by Mozilla

    I just got to know about Epic web browser. It is written in the about page: http://www.epicbrowser.com/index.html It is said to have in built anti-virus and lots of other features... Lets try it.
  17. R

    Fermi! Fermi! Fermi! Fermi!

    Nah, not the card. This is Hitler on Fermi! ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpZXhR1ibj8 THIS IS EPIC!!!
  18. Ecko

    Unreal Tournament III Server Available for Linux

    SIZE : 1600 MB TYPE :BIN SOURCE :SOFTPEDIA.COM DOWNLOAD HERE Unreal Tournament (UT) III Linux Server is finally available and the good news is that you don't need a retail copy of UT3 to host games. The server comes as a complete package – a pretty large one, I may add – of 1.6 GB. After you...
  19. amitava82

    Epic Failure

    I do not have any words to say.. Sorry... Edited.. LOL
  20. unni

    Piracy pushing Epic, id away from PC gaming

    At the Game Developers Conference, Epic Games president Michael Capps and id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead dropped a major bombshell: rampant software piracy on the PC has made both their companies concentrate more on console development. Shacknews has the dirty details here, including the...
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