1. panacea_amc

    Air conditioner suggestions wanted

    Hello, I intend to buy an air conditioner with 7 hours of usage per day for a single person. The room size is 11X13.5 = 148.5 square feet Please recommend a cost effective solution for me in terms of both price and power savings. Thank you.
  2. Superayush

    1.5 ton split ac

    Hey can someone tell me best 1.5 ton split ac preferably inverter I can get in Delhi for around 45k or less Ground floor Operation expected:9+hrs daily Requirements:should give trouble free service ,effective cooling and should be as efficient as possible for the price I pay
  3. A

    Need a new AV for my office

    Hey guys...we have recently purchased about 8 new systems for our office. I need an effective AV for all systems. Any suggestions?
  4. Anorion

    India has the world's most advanced pizza boxes

    A Pizza Geek Discovers the World's Smartest Pizza Box | Wired Design | Wired.com the only other place to get them is Dubai update: official web site http://www.ventit.in/index.asp
  5. V

    Magic Remote??????

    I have seen a few YouTube commercials of the Magic Remote. I can’t help but get the feeling that it’s not as effective as shown in the ads. Or is it?
  6. P

    a Cooling Pad

    I'm planning to buy HP G6-200ax laptop. Can you suggest me a good cooling pad to use with it because I will be playing games on it frequently. My budget is around 1,000 to 2,000. Please tell me your experience with the cooling pad you use. Whether they are effective and how much...
  7. dhan_shh

    # MyWiFi - MiFi device,a Mush Have now!

    With the growing Mobiles & Tablets choice,we all need a common device which can provide common source WiFi so that it will be cost effective. I got this Huawei MiFi device & found extremely useful to be online on as many as 5 devices! Highly recomended to all...
  8. A

    Cycling or Jogging

    I've been busy with work for past 8 months and i didnt get much time to exercise. And now i have a big tummy which was flat a year back.... Ive decided to spend 1 hour excercising daily inorder to reduce my tummy.. i am in 2 minds.. thinking if i should cycle(outdoor) or jog... The problem...
  9. W

    Please suggest a good budget android tablet urgently!

    Hi, Am looking for a decent and effective budget android tablet. Budget is <9k. But am looking for something better like 5-6k. Looking for something which can play the casual games and does e-reading and internet without hitches...Pls suggest one? No Akash and no Reliance please....didn't...
  10. The Conqueror

    What is "Studying"?

    I've heard many members saying you need to put in "5-6 hours of regular study per day" to crack IIT-JEE. But what is "studying", anyway? From Wikipedia: There are many threads in this forum wherein users have pointed out that our education system is ineffective and hampers the intellectual...
  11. D

    Billing software-advice?

    We are opening a shop .Kindly advice a software which is simple and effective for billing.If possible a free one . thank you
  12. ithehappy

    Software to check FPS while Gaming

    As the title says what softwares can I use to check how much FPS I am getting when playing a game? The easiest yet effective one's will get the preference as always. Thanks in advance.
  13. ankushkool

    Home Theater vs HTPC

    I wanna know which will be more cost effective?
  14. naveen_reloaded

    British scientists ask WHO to condemn homeopathy for disease

    British scientists have appealed to the World Health Organisation to publicly condemn homeopathy as a treatment for serious diseases, such as HIV, TB and malaria. The researchers, many of whom have worked in developing countries, called on the WHO to act amid fears that vulnerable patients are...
  15. dreamcatcher

    Sony announces Sensor for its 12 mp phone!!!!!

  16. NoasArcAngel

    HELP IN ocing 8600gt

    :confused:hey guys i have a nvidia xfx 8600 gt card with 512 mb gddr2 ram i tried overclocking the card with ati tool but i am not able to go increase my memory clocks higher than 465 mhx effective 962.800 ..my core clocks are 680 mhz and shader clocks 1504mhz.. plz help me i have an intel...
  17. S

    Free Mcse Dumps

    Hi Friends, Can anyone suggest me the way to download free MCSE Testking / other effective Dumps. Thanx in advance Subroto
  18. vish786

    Painless Headphones

    Okey guys i hav a normal headphones bought for 150... but ma ears start paining after some time(~10 minutes), i wanna buy a good headphones which r less effective to ears(main point shouldn't cause any pain), with good sound Budget 650 - 900
  19. R

    8800 GTX Temperature !

    hey guys thanks to all o u and ur awesome advice, i bought my pc in april this year wiht an XFX 8800 gtx, e6400, OCZ 2 gig ram, samsung 205 bw 20", WD 320 GB, X-fi extreme audio..... and a cooler master 700 W PSU.... and an ASUS P5b n32 SLi premium mobo... evertyhitngs been running fine but...
  20. baccilus

    Antiglare screen for Samsung SyncMaster 793s ?

    I need an antiglare because i spend too much time on my computer and this really strains my eyes. I have been told that 3M is the only company which makes effective antiglare screens. But he said that the antiglare for this 17" monitor will cost 1750/-. This seems to be a bit expensive to me...
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