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# MyWiFi - MiFi device,a Mush Have now!


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With the growing Mobiles & Tablets choice,we all need a common device which can provide common source WiFi so that it will be cost effective.

I got this Huawei MiFi device & found extremely useful to be online on as many as 5 devices!


Highly recomended to all (Micormax,Huawei,ZTE,Beetel and many choices),



You can pair an Android phone and an external battery pack to get the same...
Although having a separate device for that is better I guess...


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Thanks to all!

I bought this item from Adexmart.com online for Rs.4550/-

Huawei Wireless Router (Wi-Fi) E560 - adexmart

Very simple,easy to connect with the password provided,Airtel works better than Vodafone in Chennai,

Unfortunately no wall charger comes with the package,only micro usb cable (charging only with PC)

Charge lasts for about 3.5 to 4hrs,not bad.Signal strength is really good and speed is very nice!

I'm using Rs.751 per month plan from airtel (4GB data),really good!

Its small,easy to carry,display shows approx data usage,status of connection and how many devices connected-very useful stuff!

You can see how many messages in the screen,using any browser by typing you can access the device explorer and control the device,damn good!

I have one 3G USB Modem also,but this MiFi works much faster,no doubt!

If you have 3G USB modem,there are device to convert usb modem to wifi router: Leoxsys 3G/3.5G portable MIFI/WIFI router iphone/ipad support, | eBay

With this we can buy iPod with 3G-> WiFi,Only Wifi models of tablets will do,connecting multiple devices (maximum of Five),

This is a great concept which will help using multiple wifi gadgets,Absolute necessity if you have many eItems!

Come,Join the Fun!



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Got my replacement set of batteries and wall charger (battery) for 1290 from eBay!

Now,we can confidently use MiFi for a looooooooooooooooong time!


Absolutely, a Mush-Have!!!!!


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Would prefer buying one that accepts USB Modems as the internet source.

Also correct the thread title "Mush" buy LOL
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