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  1. go4saket

    A Light & A Reliable AntiVirus???

    Hi Guys! I have a Pentium II 400 MHz. which 128 MB RAM in my office. I need a antivirus for this system. I know KAV is the best in this field, but I need something that is low on resource and still very effective. I dont mind either a paid or a free AV. Please recommend... Chao...
  2. AshishSharma

    Convert Anything...

    While browsing Internet I landed on to this cool website, you can convert any file from one format to another from the website itself donno who effective it'll be for files with large size : http://media-convert.com/convert/index.php Go ahead try it out :)
  3. techno tublai

    LAN accross 150 mts

    Hello Everyone. Me and my friend need to setup a LAN from my house to his. We are appx 150 mts apart. Plese tell me how to do that in a cost effective and reliable manner. We dont want excessively high data speeds. Thanking in advance.
  4. kkg_mjh

    want free hindi language wordprocessor software

    hi frnds if you want to use free hindi software download your copy from http://www.baraha.com/ i use it and found very effective
  5. linardni

    Laser Printer Cost Effective?

    Recently I have purchased a HP Laserjet 1020 Model Printer. I am in urjent need of printing 1000 pcs form on A4 paper. Which is cost effective - to go with the process on my own printer or handing over the printing job to any professional printer? Plz advice as I don't have the knowledge how...
  6. K

    Confusion on PC Configuration...

    Hi guys...can any1 out there help me...Iv got this pc config with me but am confused on certain issues... Processor : Intel Pentium IV 3.0 Ghz HT Motherboard : Gigabyte 81915G Duo / 81915P DuoPro / 81915PC Duo RAM :Kingston/Corsair/Zion 1GB Harddisk ...
  7. tweety_bird_bunny

    which antivirus to use??

    i wanna install an antivirus....it should be effective...plz suggest...
  8. wraj

    how effective are these institutes ???

    hi buddies n seniors !!! right now am doin my plus 2 frm DELHI n interested in making my career in hardwares...I've heard of IIHT & JETKING imparting an year course related to hardwares n networking...All i really wanna know is dat how effective r these courses n is their claim of 100% job...
  9. lavan_joy

    SpeedyMSN v1.4

    NOT TESTED. TEST IT BY URSELF. SpeedyMSN v1.4 SpeedyMSN is a modified version of MSN Messenger. Useless options like telephone conversations have been removed. Many of the dialogs and menus has been redesigned to make it easyer to navigate. By these small but effective changes MSN will be...
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