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India has the world's most advanced pizza boxes


Sith Lord
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India might seem like an unlikely country to lay claim to the world’s smartest pizza box, but Wiener insists that it’s really not that weird. ”It’s the fastest growing pizza market because it’s such a huge population,” he says. “It’s also a place where there’s always been a lot of manufacturing.”
A Pizza Geek Discovers the World's Smartest Pizza Box | Wired Design | Wired.com

the only other place to get them is Dubai

update: official web site
As a key supplier to a Fortune 500 company, we often received feedback on how the contents inside the box were affected due to the heat generated within. In an effort to solve our client's problem of lack of effective ventilation in their packaging, we were 'blessed' with this wonderful invention. This was how the concept of VENTiT was born - to provide effective ventilation while maintaining the integrity of the existing box and the contents inside.


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Read this article the other day.
Note that they are talking about "Best Pizza Box". Not the best pizzas. :p

The thick crust of Domino's Pizza would make anyone believe its NOT the best out there. :lol:

Btw, that guy deserves some real credit! For collecting that many Pizza boxes from all around the world! First world people and their hobbies. :p
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