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8800 GTX Temperature !

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hey guys

thanks to all o u and ur awesome advice, i bought my pc in april this year wiht an XFX 8800 gtx, e6400, OCZ 2 gig ram, samsung 205 bw 20", WD 320 GB, X-fi extreme audio..... and a cooler master 700 W PSU.... and an ASUS P5b n32 SLi premium mobo... evertyhitngs been running fine but i just installed nvidia ntune and its showin my GPU temp at 61 degrees celcius.... my system and cpu temps are fine around 30- 35..... i have 1 120 mm fan at the bak, one 60mm on the side, 2 60 mms in front and of course the stock CPU keatsink and fan and the fan on my GPU.... cant afford water cooling yet.... is there an effective cooling thing whihc i can use for my GPU..... coz the 8800 gtx is so huge that it barely leaves space fopr anything else.... i cud probably squeeze in a fan or sumthin though but is it really gonna be effective... ??

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Temps are quite fine... Install one Few Caninet fan if possible... !!! that would help pull out the Worm air from in side the box !!!

:) but in any case temps are fine..


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Temprature is just fine , my friends 8800 ultra is on 60-65 on normal operation. He got a server cabinet which is huge and weighs 15 Kilo and has plenty space inside to accomodate extra fans for the card/hdd or processor. If you can ad extra cooling in this cabinet ,then its fine. Else try a bigger cabinet.


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Is it the factory overclocked 8800 GTX? 61C is awesome even for stock settings, but for overclocked settings its mind-blowing!!!
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