1. sujoyp

    [Want to Buy] Simple Ebook reader

    Hi guys , I want a cheap simple ebook reader just like kindle 6" . Budget 4k. you can contact me on sujoypp-at-gmail.com and please send pics too.
  2. bubusam13

    Google play books location

    Hi Guys I have purchased a ebook first time in my life from google play books " The Monk who sold his Ferrari" in my Grand 2 I enabled offline reading for that book. Now where is that ebook file located in my phone. I have searched the /data/com.android.google.books/ directory as suggested...
  3. Chetan1991


    Shocking Truth! True nature of women revealed in ebook free for limited time Read the free kindle ebook: Amazon.com: The Key Logger: A Forbidden Glimpse into the True Nature of Women eBook: Nicholas Jack: Kindle Store Read that No. 8 girl account!
  4. ramakanta

    Program to open .djvu files?

    please help me how to open the .djvu extention file . i can't open this format ebook in adobe reader . Please any one help me. thank you. :-(
  5. P

    A good Ebook reader around 5000/-

    Hi I want to buy a good ebook reader (As Medicine Books are costly I want to read them as ebooks) my budget is around 5000/- can tablets be used as ebook readers? (If so witch one is best for reading)
  6. gdebojyoti

    How to sell my eBook?

    Hello, I am currently writing an ebook on After Effects which I would like to sell in the near future. Now, I do not have enough money to opt for a service like Clickbank for the selling purpose (I am a college student). So how can I sell the ebook? By the way, I do have a personal site...
  7. dhan_shh

    # Got Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus!

    Hi all, I thought of buying a good eBook reader which should be around 7" display (so that weight will be less,we can hold the device for a long time) Got newly released P620 for 27K (sold my Radar) This is my first Honeycomb device/tablet,very compact reasonably light weight (compared...
  8. R

    Which ebook reader to purchase?

    I am thinking to buy an ebook reader. I liked the specs of kindle, but it has lot of limitations w.r.t. store and DRM. Which ebook reader would you suggest. My price limitation is ~ $120
  9. Scott274

    Cheapest Ebook Reader in India

    Which is the cheapest Ebook Reader one can buy in India as of now, october 2011.
  10. gEEK001

    Preview & Feedback [February 2011]

    Cover Story of the month Smart Phones Demystified - Everything you wanted to know about phones right from the OS to top apps of all time for Android, Blackberry, Symbian and more. What we hate about them and smart phone gyaan which no one gives you... Fast Track to .NET Basics of .NET...
  11. ritesh.techie

    Download ThePayPalGuide Ebook For Free

    I am glad to announce that I have published the first “ThePayPalGuide Ebook” for the PayPal users. It is a basic level ebook, covering all the basic portion of PayPal. This book is authored by me i.e Mad Geek, I have taken at-most care in creating this eBook so that you can use it easily. It...
  12. M

    Ebook reader?

    Dear friends I would like to buy an ebook reader for my personal purpose.I will use that to read my text books which may someties be over 50mb.But all the files in the PDF format.So i would like to buy an ebook reader if you have any with you or your friend please contact me through pm...
  13. D

    Amazon kindle DX

    I want to buy kindle DX. If anyone is ready to trade 1, let me know. If its not kindle, any 9.7" eink ebook readers will do the job. thanks, Dittu Alex
  14. angie

    Ebook Manager

    What ebook manager do you people use? I have tried calibre but it copies any ebook you add to its library to another folder (which is its library at some other place) Now this is inconvenient since i have 2 GB ebooks wchich means 2 gigs of wasted space. I also cannot delete my original...
  15. I

    Ebook reader suggestion

    hello fellow tech freaks, I am Manoj, doing second year B. Tech CSE at NIT - Trichy. I intend to buy an ebook reader that would mainly be used to read academic text. Since I have a considerable number of pdf files of subject books, I believe that investing in an ebook reader would make reading...
  16. gohan89

    Need updates on Asus EeePc ebook reader

    I found a post on the thinkdigit website on Asus LAUNCHING a ultra cheap Ebook reader.It says it will be around 8k.But I want to know the exact price of it including taxes and other stuff when it will be released in India.Also please tell me when will it be launched in India? Please let me know...
  17. iitmanojit

    How to organize my Ebook collection?

    Hello Digitians... I have a huge ebook collections. Mostly in pdf, chm & djvu files. I want a software that creates database type with links to those files. So that I can use the database to find the ebook just like searching in a library. I have microsoft office but I don't know the use of MS...
  18. V

    Suggestion for E book Reader

    I want to buy an ebook reader for reading ebook on the move. Please suggest good readers with pdf support.
  19. A

    eBook for Python

    Hey frnds, i have started learning PYTHON, can u pls tell me a good ebook from Python. I have already googled but didn't find a good ebook:-(. So pls tell me a good ebook. Thx in advance.
  20. nims11

    nims psp ebook reader

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhLrkND1tpA This my first app 4 psp which allows easy ebook readings in psp. i will release it in just in week... it is browser based and doesnt require homebrew stuffs. converting ur books and transferring to ur psp is as easy as u can think(i hav developed...
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