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hello fellow tech freaks,
I am Manoj, doing second year B. Tech CSE at NIT - Trichy. I intend to buy an ebook reader that would mainly be used to read academic text. Since I have a considerable number of pdf files of subject books, I believe that investing in an ebook reader would make reading much easier since I hate having to read from the LCD screen of my notebook. Kindly suggest me a good reader for a price< 15k. It would be nice if it supports touchscreen that enables me jot down notes and make annotations. Besides, the reader would also be used extensively to read novels(pdf/txt/docs/epub). I had shortlisted the Sony PRS - 600 but have been having second thoughts as of late regarding the warranty and availability(I cannot think of any other way to buy than using by ebay-globalbuy). Please suggest alternatives and mention the availability(in and arnd chennai)....

Thanks :)


Dude i think you should try the new kindle 3rd generation. It will cost less compared to a sony one. Kindle 3 wifi only will cost you about 6500 and wifi+3g will cost about 9000. It also has e-ink pearl display which gives you a much better contrast and battery life. Its a great value for money. In my opinion best ereader available in terms of vfm


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Kindle was the first good eBook reader out there so if you judge things by originality than that's what to go with. I like it, personally.


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If pdf is what you want to read, then count out e-ink based displays. They'll never be able to do justice to pdf files. If you've to choose one among them, it would be Amazon Kindle if you can get your hands on one.

Better yet, get something like an iPad (a Tablet)
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