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MTNL Speed Drop


Broken In
To All MTNL Unlimited Plan Users,
I've Noticed a Tremendous speed drop, since March 2011.I was very much concerned as various horrible thoughts crossed my mind like sum1 sharin my internet, hack etc etc.
Latr, I came to knw many Mtnl unlimited plan users noticed the same drop in speed across Mumbai.(dunno about other areas)

This was my speed on March 19th 2011 (Download: 235 KBps)

and this is my speed on 21st March 2011(Download:85 KBps)
and on 23rd March 2011(Download: 79KBps)

'm still facing the Problem to date even after Many complaints on 1504 and 198

If any of you have experienced this and got your issue solved, plz share.
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I also checked other forums but no luck on solution but more people with same problems
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