1. S

    Doubts on PGCET-2014 karnataka eligibiility

    Hello guy's,I'm thinking to do mtech this year so I have some doubts regarding pgcet, 1)I have done BE in Electronics and communication but I want to do mtech in computer science and engineering so am I eligible to do that?? 2)I read about that 50% in BE eligibility criteria ,so whether that...
  2. N

    [Data Structures] Can stack be searched or traversed?

    Assuming that the stack is implemented using array , is it okay to search or traverse the stack without actually popping the contents? I mean, wouldn't it defeat the purpose of stack itself since stack is a restricted data structure? Need to clear some doubts so I'll be very much obliged if...
  3. AVT

    [Query] got offered for Gigabyte h77ds3h -- A h67ausb3-b3 mobo (Gigabyte). Is that okay ?

    is that fair value ? I know its a older generation board but will it have problems working with ivy bridge and gtx 6xx cards ? It sucks that they could not give the same model number but I bought it in September and they are giving me a new board in November so I m having some doubts?
  4. T

    Is micromax reliable?

    hi, i've 10k(maybe 11k) budget. I was thinking between sony xperia tipo dual and micromax a110. Though micromax a110 is superior in most aspects, I have some doubts regarding micromax's reliability. Do you have any other suggestions?
  5. S

    Need suggestion for RAM upgrade

    Hello guys, I want to change my RAMs of 2x2gb 1333mhz kingston value rams(see signature) to higher frequencies of 4gb memory modules from Corsair Vengeance or the Gskill Ripjaws @1600mhz but i have doubts of whether they will be supported by my 785chipset motherboard. I need your advise and...
  6. omega44-xt

    Doubts regarding DOCOMO

    I'm going to visit 3 states (Kerala, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu). I'm planning to buy a 3G DOCOMO sim from Kerala. Is DOCOMO a good network provider ? My doubts are: - I heard that there are no roaming charges in DOCOMO. Is it true ? Any Terms n Conditions ? - If i put an internet pack & sms...
  7. curioustechy

    A few doubts

    I'm having the following doubts. Plz clarify 1) is GDDR2, GDDR3 & GDDR5 completely independent of DDR2, DDR3 & DDR5 mobos? [provided mobo has PCIe x16] (eg:- can i install a GDDR5 in a DDR2 mobo) 2) Is there different varieties of PCIex16 ? 3) Is installation of GDDR3 & GDDR5 dependent...
  8. S

    Doubts in Reliance Netconnect Prepaid

    Hi all, I have a Reliance Netconnect Postpaid connection which I am considering changing to prepaid. In this regard I have a few doubts... 1. Can we change existing postpaid connection to prepaid? Any charges for it? Will same modem work? 2. For the 5-hour pack and 10-hour pack, there...
  9. prateek007391

    Windows 7 Compatibility

    I was planning to upgrade my PC from Win XP to Win 7 My configuration is Pentium Dual Core 2.8 Ghz 1 Gb Ram 250 Gm HDD (SATA) 128 Mb AGP Geforce 5600 But I have doubts that will some of my configuration work on Windows 7 or not prominently I want CafeStation to work on it.
  10. rockthegod

    Prince of Persia Next-Gen Reviewed !!!

    IGN just released the review of the PS3 version of the game.... and its an epic 9.3/10.... now thats W00t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o :) To be frank I was in doubt over this new game with its changed gameplay mechanisms and characters with the brand new artistic design and graphics considering how much...
  11. Zangetsu

    Is Buying from e-bay secure ?

    There r lots of transactions taking place online (shopping,business etc) But is buying from e-bay really 100% secure...coz some of my frnds say no its not...:confused: Just to clarify my doubts....:oops:
  12. Ecko

    C Doubts: Case Control

    Hi just few doubts In case control What I wanna ask is basically if there is any increment or decrement (ie Z) , in for statement ,will that be executed if continue occurs??
  13. P

    Doubts About Torrents

    Please solve my doubts. Plzz..... 1. What are torrents ? 2. What is the use of torrents ? 3. To download torrents fast we have to need more peers ? Why do we need more peers ? 4. Which is the best site for downloading torrents (more peers) ? 5. Torrents are more faster than regular...
  14. ¦Rage--oצ

    ¦*world Of Warcraft*¦

    Well .... this thread is fr those who play wow and have any doubts or queries or anythin related to wow!!!!!!!!
  15. A

    E228WFP vs VX2235WM which is better ?

    Hi guys, E228WFP vs VX2235WM which is better ? i need the monitor at normal height. i have doubts over VX2235WM height. Please help me....i m confused.
  16. Ihatemyself

    download speeds hellish

    Hey guys i have mtnl triband unlimited 256 kbps plan and i get average download speed(not talkin about torrent speed) about 9kbps while i hav seen ppl with same plan getting speeds above 70 kb/s .mtnl guys say it depends on ur phone line but so less .wtf.plz clear my doubts
  17. rakeshishere

    Post ur Suggestions For New [Windows Vista Ultimate] PC

    I got a Budget of 30k...and planning to Buy a Vista compatible PC which will enable me to experience all the core experiences(Aero,Flip 3d ..etc...etc) of Windows Vista(ULTIMATE)... & also it should work smooth..Kindly Do suggest me some Best Hardware Details for My Budget:) CPU: MotherBoard...
  18. doom_marine

    LCD Doubts

    Ok the first doubts which all LCD's in the market has support for the 1920x1080 resolution. Preferably would like the approx cost. Would'nt like to be duped by the shop guy ;) Then i was planning to buy an XBOX 360 and i have a LCD at home max resolution is 1280x720 that is the Viewsonic 924...
  19. ArZuNeOs

    Some Q on Win Processes

    Guys i got some doubts on win XP processes 1) I notice that svchost.exe runs a lot ....why & user name is also different is it possible to end them as such...... 2) one really irritating procc is wscntfy ...the security prog.....Is there some way to shut that thing useless...
  20. go4saket

    Doubts related to Nokia 6630...

    Hi Guys! I am using a Nokia 6630 and have a few doubts! Kindly help... 1. I have created a few folders for storing SMS. Now, how can I lock those folders so that no one can see the contents of those folders without knowing the password. The same is to be done with folders that I have...
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