1. kool

    Few question about from Reliance to AIRTEL "MNP". Help me guys.................

    Guys, From last 6 month i was enjoying 3G speed on my Reliance 2G plan @ Rs.99. But now its back to normal speed, which sucks now. D/L only 9 kBps. :( So now i've decided to switch to Airtel via MNP. In airtel it giving 1GB on 2G @ Rs.98 which s better than reliance (in airtel D/L upto...
  2. F

    Broadband Speed Question...

    Wondering about this... I have BSNL 1350 plan which advertises 512kbps. Speedtest.net shows me... on utorrent, the speedgraph peaks at 50-60 kbps... Is this reasonable? am i missing out on some settings that should make my d/l speed higher? anyone else with the same plan...
  3. R

    Tata Indicom...how good is it?

    im using a 512 unlimited plan from Asianet Dataline and get around 52-54 kbps D/L speed. but my cousin gets 100kbps D/L speed on a Tata Indicom 256K connection!! so im seriously considering about changing my provider and would like to get some feedback abt them. tq
  4. User Name

    p2p not able to download.

    I can not able to d/l files using p2p clients.(utorent/flashget it show some peers returned and connecting to peers but never conects :( this prob. was never before. i use bsnl bb. what is the prob. any other way to d/l.
  5. User Name

    Any download manager with youtube video D/L support?

    Is there Any download manager with resumable youtube video D/L support?
  6. rhitwick

    Broadband Suggestion.........

    Guyz I need ur suggestion.............. Currently I'm on Airtel BroadBand Home 999 plus scheme 384kbps connecting speed and at abt 50KBps d/l speed with no d/l cap.......................I'm not satisfied......... One more plan of them caught my eyes.........i.e. Home 2222 plus........unlimited...
  7. P

    Flashget didn't follow schedule setting.

    I've been using DAP and FDM for years, but I've been hearing good things about Flashget and decided to try it out. Last night, I started downloading a 4+ GB file at about 2:45 AM, set it to stop at 7:55 AM (before the end of happy hour) and shut down the computer. When I got up at noon today...
  8. s_arka_r

    Rapidshare Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guys I have a premium RapidShare Account. I schedule Flashget to d/l all the files that i select. Now, Flashget can run upto 8 multiple file d/l at once. I started all 8 and got a total d/l speed of around 230KBps. Is dat okay??? Is there any better way to extract more from RS????
  9. F

    Best MTNL triband plan?

    Guys, should I go for TriB Unlimited 256 Kbps Unlimited Usage Unlimited Data D/L Rs 949 OR DSL 749 256 Kbps Unlimited Usage 1.25 GB Rs 749 Is there any hidden coasts in TriB949? I mean if I d/l 5 GB in a month, will I still have to pay Rs. 949?
  10. cynosure

    I am a screwedup airtel user!!!

    Hi guys, I use Airtel 128kbps "broadband" internet connection at home. My d/l speed is never more than 12-13 kBps; although for a second or two in a minute it jumps to 18 and then goes down to 2-3 before coming back to 12. Now the airtel guys say that the d/l speed must be 128kbps(I wonder if...
  11. panacea_amc

    :: problem downloading attachments from yahoo::

    i use airtel mobile office...i am having this peculiar prob of not bein able to d/l attachments in emails of yahoo.. its gives 'Page cant be displayed' error: any help?
  12. s18000rpm

    Permanently Disable some Start-up apps.

    Yahoo messn., IDM, ctfmon Please help me in permanently disabling some start up entries, like Yahoo messn., IDM, ctfmon. i rarely use Yahoo messngr.,so i always disable it in msconfig. but my bro. uses it daily, & sometimes in my user Account, then it automatically gets into start-up...
  13. dreams

    IE 7 Problem wit Megaupload !!!!

    HI guys.. I have encountered another serious problem..i used d/l stuffs frm megaupload site and i have also installed Megaupload toolbar for enablin d/l..was workin fine til yesterday and if now i am tryin to download any files it shows the passcode and if enter it and press download it goes...
  14. romeo_8693

    Change File size!

    many times it so happens that wen we d/l something if the d/l breaks in between the file(wen right click->prop)shows the full size rather than actual(d/l is incomplete).so my questuon is why this happens??? 2ndly is the reverse posible,meaning can a full file be made to LOOK smaller through...
  15. wizrulz

    Best Themes For Windows Xp?

    BEST THEMES FOR WINDOWS XP..also post in if ur using it and link to d/l it ;)
  16. wizrulz

    Voice Chat..

    I urgently require..a voice chat s/w..which is free and please give link to d/l also.... It should apart from ....MSN messenger, yahoo messenger, skype, googletalk.
  17. Vishal Gupta

    ATTENTION: Forget All D/l Managers, Sun Download Manager is Here!

    Guys! As u read the title, I'm going to tell u a D/l manager which will give u approx. Double d/l speed which ur favorite d/l manager provide! :D First lemme tell u the whole story! Yesterday I was planning to d/l a 281 MB file and it takes normally 15 hours on my RConnect. coz I get 5-6 KBps...
  18. Vishal Gupta

    ATTENTION: Some Queries Regarding to P2p & Torrents

    Guys! First lemme tell U that I hvnt ever used P2P or Torrents. :) I always d/l s/w using Download managers. So i hv some queries regarding to Torrants & P2P, pls clear them all. :D 1.) Are P2P & Torrents same thing? or ne difference? 2.) Are there any other similar things like P2P &...
  19. wizrulz

    Bitcomet Problem

    I am using bitcomet to down load a file of size abt 540MB now the problem is that the TOTAL download is showing 600MB TOTAL upload is howing abt 350MB and the percenatge complete is 90 % now if the file is 540MB and then how is this been shown???? can anybody answer??? also the space...
  20. Vishal Gupta

    Firefox Available to download at Mozilla FTP!

    Guys! I was just searching something on Mozilla FTP and found that Firefox is available there! So u can d/l it from here! :)
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