Connecting Speakers Directly to a Computer

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I was wondering if someone could explain to me (or point me in a
specific direction), why it seems to me that you cannot hook-up stereo
speakers directly to your computer (ie: connect to the sound card).

I have seen numerous posts that indicate you must connect the computer
to the stereo, and not the speakers themselves (though the line-in,
AUX, etc.. connections).

But, I have a set of computer speakers that just connect directly to
the output of the sound card.

The reason that I ask is because I have an extra set of speakers which
are *much*, *much* better than my computer speakers (isn't
everything?), but no spare stero system, receiver, amp, or otherwise.

Is there no-way that I can directly connect the speakers to the
"line-out" or "speakers" output of the sound card?

Is it just a matter of different connectors on the ends, or is there
something else to it?

Thanks so much.


Yes. you can connect them directly but the output signal is weak that the larger speakers wouldn't be able to detect them or go with very low sound. Thats why, you dont need any amp for head phones. But for larger speakers and woofers, you need to amplify the sound signal and thats what the amp circuit does. It boosts the signal for larger speakers. I was able to connect my old tape recorder speaker to the computer directly but the sound was a bit low.


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thanks 4 ur quick reply bro. actually i have phillips hi fi system (3200watt PMPO) but few days back i was playing a song and suddenly i heard some unusual sound and from then onwards my phillips system is not able to amplify the sound and thats y i was asking questions to connect the hi fi speakers to my P.C.
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