Time for New PC. Help with Config

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I am planning to buy a New PC
When : As soon as i m satisifed with config
Budget: 50k a little plus minus will do
Use: Hardcore Gaming , Graphics , Normal office work, Multimedia is common and planning animation in future

Well current PC has everything working well but that will be shifted to office so all components will be new and nothing of the old pc will be used

** I was busy with Xams since last 2 months and hence i m out o touch of current updates, Hence i m sorry if i type something silly out here **

What I want:
1. Thinking of nehalem
2. 750-1Tb HD
3. Superb gfx card for hardcore gaming
4. Nice Big LCd monitor ( Webcam not necessary )
5. Minimum 4gb ram ( ddr2/ ddr3 ....... no ideas )
6.Wireless Keyboard Mouse
7. Stylish Cabinet
8. DVD drive with faster speeds. Current one takes too much time to copy a dvd on HD or to burn a DVD

Well if anything else then i shall update in d future

Btw i have a question ( mite be a n00b one )
Are there any monitors that can be used directly as TV too ( not by using TV Tuners ). I mean the Cable TV pin can directly be plugged in the monitor itslef and we cant use it as we want.
If Yes then i would appreciate info on them
If no then sorry for the Question :d

I would even like to know whether it is better to Wall mount the new monitors or to keep them on a computer table ??

Awaiting for ur precious replies


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No i7 candy with a good graphics <50k with everything... sorry!

You should go for an AMD based system.

AMD Phenom II 940 BE
Palit 780G
G-Skill 4GB DDR2 800MHz (2x2GB)
Seagate 750gig HDD
CM Elite 330 cabby
Corsair VX450W
Palit HD4870 1GB
Logitech Ex110 Wireless kbd/mouse
Dell 198WFP 19" LCD

This MIGHT exceed your budget... not by much though... should be around 54-55k


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Here goes ur best config
AMD Phenom II 940 BE 10400
Biostar TA790GX+128M 5200
Kingstone 4GB DDR2 800MHz (2x2GB) 1900
Seagate 1 TB with 32 MB cache 5200
LG H55n DVDRW 900
Zebronics cabinet with 120mm fan 1000
Colorsit 600 Watt 2000
Zotac GTX 260 Core 216 10300
Microsoft Keyboard/Mouse combo 600
A.O.C 19" LCD 6500

Don't go for any AMD780G chipset based board since they don't support Advance Clock Calibration function (ACC) which is required to overclock ur Phenom II processors. The board I have suggested is having the highest PErformance/Price ratio. It is having plenty of upgrade option like
a. 4 Ram slot with max 16 GB support
b. 6 SATA port
c. 2 PCI Express X16 for Crossfire
d. 2 PCI Express X1
e. 2 PCI
d. radeon HD 3300 with 128 MB DDR3 Dedicated ram (sideport Memory)
e. Solid Capasitor Design
2ndly Colorsit is a new brand. I went through their product review in Net and they are positive.
If u are a AMD lover go for a 4870 1 GB card.


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^You still cant afford Nehalem in 60k with a good graphics card.

See :-
Core i7 920 (cheapest one) - 16k
Intel DX58SO (cheapest i7 mobo) - 15k
3GB DDR3 RAM GSkill - 6.5k
Palit HD4870 1GB - 13k

this much is only 50k!

and if you add more then :-

750gig HDD Seagate - around 4k
LG H55n DVD-RW - 1.3k
Corsair VX550W - 5.5k
CM Elite 330 cabby - 1.9k
Dell 198WFP 19' LCD Monitor - 9.5k
Altec Lansing BXR1121 2.1 - 1.2k
Logitech Gaming G1 kbd/mouse - 1.2k



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ohhh i c
btw is it the correct tym to buy pc or shall i wait ??

Drop the UPS,Speakers,kb/mouse and then can i try to get nehalem ?

If not then atleast quad core plzz


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Quad is ok.

You can get a Q8200 and MSI P45 Neo-R

or even the previous config I mention is quad but its AMD..


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@Dinesh, 50k is not a budget for Nehalem. YOu need to have 70k atleast for a fire-breathing Nehalem cnofig.

Go for Phenom II config or wait for a month or two, save money and get nehalem rig.


No need of running after Nehalem.

The day you will wait, something new would be released, so live in present.


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^Yep for 50k get a phenom 2 config with a zotac gtx260 core 216...for nehalem i suggest a minimum of 75k...


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I'd suggest a phenom 2 - 940 or 955 rig with ati hd 4870 1 gb. If you can extend your budget then hd4890.make sure you get a board with ACC.


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bhaiyo aur bhaiyo

Well if phenom II config then plz giv d config in detail

PC will be used for playing latest games and hardcore animation an gfx


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@techking... I think atleast two people posted Phenom II configs.. one was me.. and its quite in 'detail'.. wat more detail do you want ? Please mention that in detail.


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if the budget is 60k:

1) Phenom II X4 940: 12k
2) Gigabyte 790FX board: 9k or Jetway HA 07 Ultra for 6k
3) Corsair XMS2 2x2Gb DDR2 800MHz: 3k
4) Dual Sapphire HD4770 in crossfire mode (14k) or Palit GTX275: 16.5k-17k
5) Corsair VX650 PSU: 7k or VX550W: 5.8k
6) Cooler Master CM690: 4k or Cooler Master Elite 334: 1.8k-2.1k
7) 2 cooler master 120mm fans for the cabinet (top and bottom for extra cooling): 300 bucks each
8) Seagate 1Tb HDD: 5k
9) Samsung 2233SW: 22" : 10.5k
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