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Samsung Kies Problem

This is a new and a sad problem.

Situation :- I have a samsung phone S-3370 . I download the latest Samsung Kies and the option of ETHERNET is not there . ( Place where we use to connect to internet using mobile ) . Now when i try and create a dial up connection I cant find the Vodafone number to dial .

Help me out here !


Cyborg Agent
whats exactly you want to do ? for any Android phone , you dont need any PC suite.
same is applicable for samsung phones.

why you need KIES ?what you want to do ?
I want to connect to internet using Samsung Kies Or a Windows Dial up Connection using Vodafone Sim.

The Number I am asking for is something like *99# ( airtel ) . I want to know the vodafone one !


Cyborg Agent
then what KIES has to do here ?

there are tons of app on market which allows to do so..u dont even need this method to connect.

Install PDANEt app on phone ,start net on phone.
connect phone to PC using USB

now install PDANet desktop app and right click on icon in system tray and click "Connect"

boooooooom, u have net on PC via cell phone net.


Coming back to life ..
Well *99# used to work on my old Hutch number so you should try it .. If you are using Windows 7 and the phone is identified as a modem (check Control Panel > Phone and Modems), you can use the Create New Network connection wizard (Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Set up a new connection or network) and selecting "Setup a dial up network" and selecting your phone from the list of modems in the next screen ...

You dont need Kies for this purpose ..
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