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[Solution]: Can’t dial 100 from some Nokia phones


Pertaining to the article: Cant dial emergency numbers from few Nokia phones

With phones like C2-01, X3 and 2690 etc.. one can’t dial 100 for police, 101 for fire or 102 for an ambulance from these phones.

Once i read the article, checked the same on a relative's nokia C2-01, and the issue was confirmed.
Took it to the Nokia service center, where they reflashed the OS and the problem was solved. So just check this thing out in time.

We all know how Indian cities are sensitive towards emergency situations and the plight of females in particular.

I went with the HT's July 31 article and other particulars to rattle them properly. They had some nice excuse ready:

1) Sir, its an out of warranty set as the warranty is not being shown on our system. (Set was in warranty. Threw the bill at their face to silence them. However this argument aint valid as its not related.)
2) Problem is only with airtel numbers.
3) Might get solved after flashing the OS. If not, u ll have to use with a code prefix to dial the emergency numbers.
4) Sorry Sir, refund will not be initiated.
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